Last-Minute Costume Ideas


I absolutely love Halloween.  This is my favorite time of the year, and it is coming up quick!  If you're like a lot of people, you've probably been invited to a last minute costume party.  A lot of people end up skipping out on the festivities last minute, because they don't have a costume to wear (you know who you are!).  Luckily, I've got you covered.  Here are some simple costume ideas that you can pull together quickly from things that you already have in your closet.  Click on the bold words for an inspiration.  Enjoy!


First off, everyone has a nice dress laying around, whether it be an old prom dress or one you save for going out.  Make yourself into a corpse bride if you have a white dress.  You don't even need to rip it up, just add all black accessories to give it an edgy look.  Put some white tulle around your head for a "veil," use baby powder to give yourself a pale complexion, and wear black eyeshadow to create sunk-in eyes.  Carry around a bouquet all night.


If you don't happen to have a white dress, be a zombie!  It's such a simple and classic Halloween idea.  You can either rip up an old dress or wear a nice one you have by adding black accessories.  Use red lipstick or even red facepaint to create "blood" marks, and use black and gray eyeshadows to create a sunk-in look and bruises on your arms and face.  I would suggest starting with a pale or gray base (like baby powder) all over your face, and then use black eyeshadow to create a sunk-in look around your eyes, and also sweep the eyeshadow down your cheek bones.  It will give your face a sunk-in and defined look (and makes your face look immediately skinnier!).


Sequins are big for the fall and winter, so pull out your dress to be a flapper girl!  Wear long necklaces, red lipstick, curl your hair up into a big poof, and put a feather in your hair to complete the look.


Some other basic ideas:

get out your cowboy hat, boots, and plaid shirt to be a cowgirl;

pull out your old cheerleading uniform to be a cheerleader;

carry around a guitar, wear sunglasses and chains, and be a rockstar;

wear a tiara, big poofy prom dress, and tons of body glitter to be a princess;

wear your fur vest, boho accessories, and an animal print dress to be a cavegirl;

tape a white tooth-shaped cut-out to a wand, wear a cute dress, tiara, wings, and be the tooth fairy;

wear a button up with white bobby socks and a big poofy skirt to be a 50's girl;

wear a cute dress, put your hair in super high pigtails with bows, and paint red circles on your cheek to be a doll;

wear a pig nose and ears, pearls, a pink dress, and be the Muppets' Miss Piggy;

wear an old leotard with a big skirt and metallics and be a girl from the future;

the possibilities are endless for Halloween.


If you're opting to skip out of a party because you don't have a costume, I guarantee that you will be surprised when you look in your closet.  There are tons of basic pieces that you can easily throw together to create a super fabu-bliss look!  Remember: the right make-up and accessories can make a look too.


I hope my ideas help you to have an awesome holiday!  Happy Halloween!




Easy Mix & Match Pieces to Keep You Warm this Season

Yes, it's getting colder outside, and that can sometimes leave us resorting to the same jeans and cozy sweatshirt day after day to keep us warm.  Sound familiar?  Inspired by this idea, I've come up with a list of thirteen layering pieces that are easily interchangeable, that will help keep you looking fashionable, and (this is the best part) to still keep you warm in this cold world--all of my favorite pieces plucked from my own closet (except for the adorable J. Crew striped turtleneck, courtesy of Polyvore, that is now on my wish list!).  I even made some different combinations with these thirteen pieces to prove how versatile they are (and there are so many more possibilities!).  Layering them will keep you extraaaaa warm!

The list consists of scarves, a flannel shirt or other button-up, a hoodie, a fur vest, a turtle neck, a poncho, a cardigan, an army jacket, a denim jacket, a leather jacket, a blazer, a puffy vest, and a knit sweater.  Enjoy!        








Like I mentioned before, there are so many more ways you can combine these simple pieces.  All of the layers that I have listed above (besides the fur vest trend alert) are all basic pieces that never go out of style.  They are great to invest in because of this and because of the fact that they match practically everything.


You can easily add a scarf to any of these looks to keep you even warmer!  Finding scarves in different textures and prints will spice up any outfit; they give it that final finishing touch to pull a look together.  Click here to see my post on ideas of different ways to style and wear a single scarf.


I know I chose a long cardigan for my ideas, but you can also look for cardigans in all shapes and sizes--cropped or long, thick or thin, solid or patterned, and tight or bulky.  This will add so many different looks to your outfits!


The other thing is feeling like we look too bulky when we're layering.  To fix this, you can wear thinner pieces under your main layering pieces, or wear a thick belt around your waist between your ribs and hips (the smallest part of your body).  This will give your figure shape instead of hiding it behind bulky layers like winter wardrobes can easily do.  Instant chic!


I hope these ideas help keep you super warm this season!       




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Sequins Day or Night

Sequins are a big trend again for the fall/winter seasons this year, but there can a misconception about them only being for a night out or for dressier occasions--this is so wrong!  They are a fun way to spice up your day outfit too without looking like you're headed for a night out on the town.  As promised in this post, here are some ideas I came up with about taking your sequins from day to night (and to even make them appropriate for work)!

FOR THE NIGHTTIME:  Wear your sequined dress as is with pumps!  Don't worry so much about jewelry, because you are already making a statement with your sparkly dress.  Another way to spice it up is to wear it as a shirt with leather pants or a leather skirt, another trend for the season that can give your outfit that umph factor for a night out.

FOR THE DAYTIME: Throw a cardigan over top of your sequined piece with jeans for a more casual vibe (but still on trend, of course!).  Another way to make it fun for the daytime is to wear colored tights (or even colored jeans) with a sequined dress or skirt.  This is a more playful and fun look appropriate for the daytime.  To keep warm, throw on a denim jacket or leather jacket over top to tone down the look.

FOR WORK: Wear your sequined dress tucked into a pencil skirt or throw a blazer over top of your sequined piece for a more professional looking outfit while still keeping the fun trend.  If you're wanting to be more bold, go with a sequined blazer (I am in love with Blake Lively's below) or a sequined skirt paired with a dressy top to give it a more polished look (how professional does this bronze skirt on Kourtney Kardashian look?).  I had to share these photos for inspiration (notice how all of these outfits have the sequined piece--the trend--paired with simple basics that you already have in your closet)!


Photo Credits:        Fashionesse.com,        StyleSaint.com,        KimKardashian.Celebuzz.com

If an entire sequined piece is too much for you, look for tank tops, handbags, or even a simple headband with a little bit of a sequined pattern.  This will give your look a little more restraint, but you will still be giving a nod to the sequin trend.  You can also buy a pair of sequined flats; they're more subtle, but will give your outfit that extra pop (which is a fun way to brighten up the winter)!


I hope these ideas help you guys to get the most out of your sequins this season!  A single sequined piece can be worn in so many different ways--just be creative!


The Style Quiz ♥

Just for fun today, before another busy week, I thought I'd post a style quiz for ya'll to tell you precisely what your style is!  It's just seven fun questions.  Keep track of your answers on scratch paper (or on a memo on your computer).  If you're not sure what something is, you can click on the italic words to see a photo.  Enjoy!


1.  It's fall!  Pick your must-have boot:

          A. Leather heeled boots

          B. Fringe boots or cowboy boots or Uggs

          C. Simple Leather Riding Boots

          D. Cute Rain Boots

          E. Moto boots

          F. I would rather wear pretty ballet flats


2.  Your favorite make-up look is:

          A. Mega lashes and smokey eyes

          B. All natural with minimal makeup

          C. Mascara and a red lip

          D. Bold lips or colored eyeshadows

          E. Dark eyeshadow and deep tones like a plum lip

          F. A soft pink lip and mascara


3.  Your go-to outfit for a night out would be:

           A. A sequin dress and pumps

           B. A maxi dress

           C. A blazer or cute pencil skirt

           D. A bright colored skirt or dress--something colorful and fun

           E. Leather pants and studded heels

           F. A pretty flowing dress and flats


4.  The handbag that you would love to have is:

            A. A sequined purse or something with animal print

            B. A fringed bag or a crossbody slouchy bag

            C. A simple classic handbag

            D. A bright bag to add a pop of color to your outfit

            E. A black leather bag or one with some hardware

            F. Floral or something with ruffles or bows


5.  Your favorite accessory would be:

            A. Diamond earrings or chunky bangles

            B. Friendship bracelets or leather band bracelets

            C. A simple necklace or scarf

            D. Bright earrings or a bold statement necklace or animal bracelets

            E. Metal bracelets

            F. A locket necklace or charm bracelet


6.  Your favorite shoe is:

            A. Pumps/Heels

            B. Suede boots or fringe boots

            C. Classic flats or penny loafers

            D. Rain boots or bright Doc Martens

            E. Moto boots or tie up boots

            F. A strappy summer wedge or ballet slippers


7. Your favorite shade of nail polish is:

            A. Something sparkly

            B. No nail polish

            C. Red or Nude or a classic French manicure

            D. Green, Yellow, Blue, or a pattern--something bold

            E. Black

            F. Pink!


You're done!  Count up your results and see what the name of your style is below.  (P.S. Click on the name of your style in italics to see a picture of a celebrity with that same style.)  If you got mostly...

A's: Your style is glam.  You love to get all glammed up for a night out and wear sparkles and high heels.

B's: Your style is boho.  You like to keep it cozy and natural with chunky knits, earth tones, and comfy pieces.

C's: You like to dress in classics.  You always want to look sophisticated.  This never goes out of style.

D's: You are fun and bold!  You like to dress in playful and bright colors with fun accessories.

E's: You have an edgy style.  You like to put a twist on your outfits with leather and studs (two trends this season!).

F's: You are a girly girl.  You love pretty dresses, pink, and, well, being a girl!

Not specifically one: It's totally okay if you ended up with a mix of answers.  This means that you like to play around with different styles and try new pieces.  No one knows what to expect from you!


I hope you enjoyed the quiz!  Of course, this list is not exhaustive--it's just a fun way to help you find the types of trends that you would most like.  Now I want to hear which style you have, so make sure to comment!  I myself am a mix!




My 5 Favorite Fall Trends


Though I am a warm weather girl at heart, I absolutely cannot wait for fall to officially arrive--I am so excited for all of the fall trends!  There are so many news ones that I'm excited to wear this season, but there are also some from the spring/summer that will be staying around, which I am also very excited about too (can you say save money?).  There are so many new trends out there for the fall like camoflague, Peter Pan collars, and studs, but these below are the five that I am especially excited about, and here is how I am planning on putting them into my wardrobe:



Leather - I just recently made a post talking about how excited I am about leather pants (couldn't you tell?).  I just bought myself a pair this summer that I cannot wait to throw on.  They match practically anything and can look dressy with a blazer or laid back with a sweater.  I think they give your outfit a little bit of an upgrade on plain denim.  You can also look for leather (faux, of course!) as detailings on shoes, jackets, and skirts!  Click here to see my post dedicated to this trend.



Fur - I love my faux fur vest that I bought last winter, and I am so excited to wear it again this winter to keep me cozy and warm!  I am looking forward to wearing it in completely new ways--over dresses, t-shirts, and with my new leather pants!  I love the fact that throwing on a fur vest can really add that finishing touch to your outfit and pull it all together (+ super warm! ;)).



Polka Dots - Yes, this spring/summer trend is staying around for the fall, so keep these out!  I bought myself two polka dot swing tops in the spring, and I'm planning on keeping them around for the fall by adding a cozy cardigan, bold scarf (for a pop of color!), blazer (for dressier occasions), or even just a long sleeved shirt underneath for a laid-back look.  



Patterned Pants - These are such a blast from the past!  They are definitely a cool way to spice up an outfit and give it an unexpected pattern on the bottom half verses on your top.  The weather has been super hot lately, so I've been wearing my patterned (and polka dotted!) shorts.  I actually bought them last year, and I'm so glad they're in style again!  Click here to see my post dedicated to this trend.



Sequins - I LOVE SPARKLES. Period.  They're such a fun way to bring that extra glimmering (literally) touch to your winter wardrobe (which, let's admit it, can get a little dull sometimes with the cold weather).  You can look for them in shirts, skirts, or even just a nod to the trend with a sparkly scarf.  Sequins aren't just for a night-out look either--watch for my post later this week about my ideas on how to wear your single sparkly piece day or night (or even to work!).



Have fun with prints this season, because it looks like the fall is going to bring us a lot of them.  What are your guys' favorite upcoming trends?





Tips For Lips + A Virtual Makeover

Bright colored lipsticks have been on trend for quite a while now, and they're such a fun way to bring a touch of color into your fall and winter wardrobes this year!  They can be like your accessory to spice up a simple outfit that needs just that extra something!


But here's a normal scenario: have you ever bought a makeup color you really liked and came home only to end up thinking it looks terrible on you?  The easiest way to fix this and to see what colors look best on you is one that doesn't cost a single penny (and it's fun too!).  I found a great website that will let you upload a picture of yourself and try on different lip shades (and other makeup) for free to see how you look!  Click here to try out your own Seventeen Virtual Makeover.  Upload a picture of yourself, and then press the Step 2 button.  It's such a fun free way to find out what colors you want to buy!  I'm obsessed..

Here are some of my own favorites shades that I tried:


Which one is your favorite?

Tips for Lips: Put on lip balm before you put on your lipstick to prevent your color from looking cracked.  You can also put lipgloss overtop of your lipstick for a glossy shine! ;)

Tips for Lips: A lot of the time we have old lipstick shades laying around that we don't use very often.  It's no shame to keep your lipstick for long periods of time (admit it, it's a great color!), but before you put it on, run a baby wipe gently around the lipstick to remove the top layer.  You can be sure it's safe to use and will be good as new every time you put it on!


Be bold; find your perfect shades all across the spectrum!  Your perfect shades--from nude to pink to bright red to deep purple to coral--are going to make you look and feel your best.  It's fun to find a few different colors that look great on you so you can easily change up your day to day look.  If you don't want to look too out there, keep the rest of your makeup neutral or minimal, and let your lips do the talking!


The Messy Pony

Of course, the topknot is a big hair trend for the season that a lot of people are turning to, but what about us girls with short hair?  I have the perfect solution.  A hairstyle that I've been using as my go-to for quite a while now has been the messy pony, which is another hairstyle that is pretty popular at the moment.  The messy pony is super cute, and takes barely any time at all!  It's perfect for when you're in a rush (and still want to look glam!).  Here are the steps I take to get the look:

Step 1: Prior to creating this hairstyle, blow dry the top of your hair backwards so there is no part.  This is the easiest way to get a messy and voluminous poof.  There will be no uneven bumps that can be caused by your natural part.

Step 2: When I'm done with that, I always straighten just the pieces around my face backwards (because my hair gets  a little wavy when I blow dry it).  


Step 3: Create your poof.  What I do is take a medium sized section of hair (but your's can be however big you want it), usually from eyebrow arch to eyebrow arch (if that's a helpful measurement to follow).  Use your finger or a rat tail comb to separate this entire section of hair on top of your head off from the rest.  Poof your hair up as big as you want it.  (If you're having trouble getting the perfect poof, you can use bump-its.  Click here to read more about bump-its and volume.)

Step 4: To secure the poof, you can use bobby pins, but I don't like when bobby pins show so I use my own braiding method (this works especially well if you don't have bangs like me).  Divide the bottom of the section you have pulled up into three sections and braid it down as far as you want your ponytail to be.



Step 5: There's no need to secure the braid at all, all you need is to pull the rest of your hair back, keeping your braid secured with your hand, and pull it all into a hair tie to secure your final ponytail.  You can slick it all back to create a sleek pony, or leave a few loose pieces of hair out.  You can also make your ponytail into a bun to change it up a bit, and you're done!  (Hairspray helps, but is optional! ;))  This is what your final creation should look like:


Photos:  CelebSalon.SheKnows.com,  CelebSalon.SheKnows.com,  HollywoodLife.com


It's so simple.  I don't think this hairstyle takes me even two minutes to do, so it's perfect when you're in a rush but still need to look put together--a twist on a classic pony!  Fabu-bliss!


15 Ways to Wear a Button-Up!


Button-ups are such a versatile piece that never go out of style! This is why they are a great thing to invest in; they go with practically everything and can also be great transitional pieces. To prove my point, here are 15 different ways to wear a button-up that I've come up with (but the ideas are practically endless).


1. Wear a button-up with a scarf for a great way to keep warm on a chilly day but still look put together. 


2. Leave your button-up unbuttoned and wear it as a cardigan over your favorite dress, maxi skirt, or simple tee or tank to give it an edge.


3. Layer a denim jacket, cardigan, leather jacket, hoodie, or faux fur vest over top to make a cozy look more put together.


4. Throw a sweater overtop of your button-up and let the collar show around the neck for an updated preppy look. 


5. Wear a button-up with a skirt to make a pretty look more interesting. 


6. Roll up the sleeves!


7. Wear it unbuttoned over a pretty blouse to mix textures. 


8. Belt your button-up!


9. Throw a blazer overtop of your button-up to make it more polished and ready for work!


10. Wear your button-up with colored jeans (a big trend of the season!), or wear it with leather pants (another big trend of the season!).


11. If your button-up is long enough to cover your tush, wear leggings under it for a more laid back look. 


12. Tuck your button-up in your pants!


13. As a transitional piece to fall, wear your button-up with shorts for a more relaxed, casual look. 


14. Wear your button-up with a statement necklace overtop to make it more girly and polished.  You can also pin on a fancy broach for a classier look.


15. Tie the bottom of your button-up like Selena Gomez did on the most recent issue of Teen Vogue, where she wore a crop top bustier underneath and high-waisted shorts.  


You can try these tips with any button-up you might have, whether it be a solid color, patterened (polka dots are big for the fall!), plaid, or denim.  This season, denim button-up shirts are again in style which are a cute trend you can try out.  Also, the rule on denim on and off of the runway has been broken: you can wear denim on denim!  Just check out Mila Kunis' recent cover for Glamour magazine.  (Wearing denim on denim gives you a "blank" slate to have fun and wear tons of colorful accessories for a pop of color!)


As you can see, a button-up is definitely a great investment because it can be worn so many different ways!  So the next time you want to change up your look, all you have to do is change up one piece. Be creative; it's a free makeover!




Leather, Leather, and more Leather

Leather pants.  Maybe these make you think of biker chicks or secret agents, but this is not true anymore!  This material in pants and skirts are a hit for fall and are the trend that I am most excited about (I just bought myself a pair of leather ankle pants for the season!).



Leather has been slowly inching its way into a lot of celebrities' outfits lately.  Let me first start by saying that one person in particular that has been showing her leather pants off for the past few months is Kim Kardashian.  She has been spotted in them over seventeen times since April, and by looking at these pictures of her many different looks in them below, you can see that they have come to have a much classier look in this day and age.  These pants no longer only have only that edgy look to them--especially in a skinny cut and paired with classic basic pieces, they have a sophisticated look that can easily take you from day to night!


Photos:  Frugal-Fashionistas.com,  USMagazine.com,  LeatherAndLeather.net,  InFlexWeTrust.com  




The amazing thing about leather pants (faux, of course!) is that they match practically everything.  You can dress them up and wear them with a blazer or heels, or you can dress them down and make them more fun with bright colored shirts or neon (huge trend!) shoes; they match practically anything and everything.  Leather skirts are also in style too, which can make your outfit look much more girly, but also give it an edge.  (And also, leather jackets never go out of style!)  Plus, mixing up materials in your outfit (like a cotton shirt and leather pants, for example) makes your look much more interesting.


Photos:  Fred-Junk.com,  LifeAndStyleMag.com,  PetiteFashionista.com




The black leather pants that I just bought I got for a steal ($25!), and they are also ankle pants, which are another thing that is big for the fall season.  These pants hit you right at the ankle instead of past it like most jeans do.  They also have zippers that go up from the ankles that can give them a more relaxed look when you unzip them.  I'm so excited to wear them this fall!



Is anybody else loving this trend as much as I am?  Let me know!





The Statement Necklace


Statement necklaces.  They are necklaces you wear with a simple outfit (or maybe a not so simple one) that speak for themselves when your outfit needs that little extra something.



Of course, we all have those simple pieces in our closet that could use an extra touch to them, so when you're in an outfit that adding a jacket or blazer to just simply won't do, a statement necklace can do just the trick.  It is literally a necklace that does the talking for your outfit.  There are so many different and fun ones out there in so many different sizes that can give your outfit a completely different look.  Just check out how dramatically different these outfits look with a big, bold necklace.  






A statement necklace brings the attention upwards towards your face (and statement earrings can do just the trick as well!).  Any type of statement jewelry can instantly add that glam finishing touch to any outfit.


Having a statement necklace or any other statement jewelry around can practically give you an entire new outfit.  So the next time you throw on a simple outfit and your look just needs that little extra something, try throwing on a bold necklace to make it instantly polished and fun.  It's a cool way to change up your look and can make a simple outfit come together in a snap.



Make a statement!







Photo Credits:   CoolSpotters.com,

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Carry Your Maxi Dress into the Fall!

Photo: StyleClone.com



Maxi dresses are one of my absolute favorite summer pieces.  They have that relaxed beach vibe, but they can also have a more dressy look to them too depending on how you wear them.  They were huge for the spring and summer, but there is definitely an easy way to carry your maxi dress into the fall too!  Here are a few ideas:



To save yourself a little money and to keep the maxi trend going on into the fall, layering other classic pieces that you already have in your closet over it will keep you on trend and also keep you warm.  You can try anything from a simple cardigan to a denim jacket or leather jacket to a big cozy sweater in the winter!  They will all keep you looking casual while throwing a blazer over top of it can make your dress look more polished and sophisticated.  There are so many looks you can derive from one piece!


        Photos: CoolSpotters.com,      Zimbio.com,     KhloeKardashian.Celebuzz.com,     StyleBakery.com




You can also put a long sleeved shirt under your dress and then perhaps a denim vest (a big trend for the season) over top.  This will keep you warm and make your dress look like it's long sleeved (no one will be able to tell!).  Just check out these before and after pictures of Khloe Kardashian in her adorable maxi dress.


                                              Photos: MouthToEars.com,           CelebrityFashionista.com




Another cool way to mix up your maxi dress is to throw a shirt overtop of it.  It will make it look like a maxi skirt instead and give it a whole new look.  A baggier shirt, like this on Selena Gomez below, can even take your maxi dress from dressy to more casual in a snap.  Just check out these before and after pictures below!


Photos: OutfitIdentifier.com,     JustJaredJr.com




Of course, you can find one with sleeves if you're looking for a brand new one for the season.  One person in particular that has been seen wearing these non-stop lately is Kourtney Kardashian.  (Finding a long sleeved maxi dress is on my to do list for the fall!)


              Photos: MomFinds.com,              FashionBombDaily.com,                         X17Online.com


                                     Photos: ThriftyTrendsetters.com,      CelebrityFashionista.com




I hope this tips help to keep you on trend without spending a single buck.  Maxi dresses are one of my favorite trends at the moment, and with these simple tips, I am ready to keep wearing them throughout the fall!  Fabu-bliss!





Fall Trend: Patterned Pants!

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and fall clothing has already hit the shelves!  If you're like me and have started stocking up on new jeans for the year, make sure you look out for one of fall's biggest trends: patterned pants.  They were seen all over the runway for the season, and already celebrities have been seen wearing them everywhere.  



This trend gives a fun new look to your outfits by providing the print on the bottom rather than on your shirt.  It gives your outfit a completely new twist that is definitely worth investing in!  There are so many different styles of printed pants out there too--from classic dress pants to fun patterned jeans--that make this trend fun and unique.  They're a fun color change up for the fall and a fresh new look on the simple blue jean.


                Photos: HeyItsJenna.com,       SequinAndTulle.com,                              Teen.com




I think the main thing to do if you're a little hesitant about this trend is to pair it with basics you already have.  If you notice all of the celebrity pictures I have posted, they all keep it simple with a basic tank top, tee, button-up, jacket, or blazer.  These keep your outfit still looking put together instead of over the top by keeping the attention on the pants--but if you're bold, mix up your prints!  They could even work great as pants for work by finding them in a classic cut and playful print.


                                             Photos: ColumbiaTribune.com,              RetroAndRich.com




A tip for when you start finding yourself a pair of patterned pants for the fall is to keep in mind what you already have in your closet.  You can give your jeans a completely new look by mixing them up and pairing them with different things every time you wear them.  You can even change up the pants themselves by rolling them up for a more laid back vibe like Khloe Kardashian in the very top right photo.



I hope you'll definitely be trying out this trend for the fall.  Have fun with patterned pants!  Fashion is all about having fun, and you will definitely be making a statement in these!





Neon can be Classy!

We all know that neon is a huge trend right now, and it seems to be slowly making itself to the fall season as well.  It's such a fun look, but the brightness of it really stops some people in their tracks.


Lots of celebrities have been seen wearing this runway trend.  A pop of neon into your basic wardrobe can make you look on trend without spending a big buck on it.  If you're not willing to go full on with neon, the easiest way to add a touch of neon is with a handbag or on your shoes to add a fun and unexpected twist to an otherwise classic look.  (But it's also fun to be daring!  I have a neon pink dress that I've been wearing all summer that I'm in love with that's the same color as Selena Gomez's below!)


                  Photos: Zimbio.com,             FashionBombDaily.com,             VIPPhoto.RU


Photos: InHerGlam.com,      FabSugar.com,      StyleLifeFashion.com,      CocoPerez.com



To read more about pops of color, you can click on this link to view my

"A Pop of Color!" post: http://kelsie9.wix.com/fab/apps/blog/a-pop-of-color.



If you're a little uncomfortable with these bright colors, the key is to find neon pieces in classic cuts.  Color can be classy!  Plus, buying a colored piece in a classic cut will never make it go out of style!  For example, the classic blazers that are neon below add a pop of color and fun, but also make a very sophisticated outfit.  The same goes for all of the other bright dresses that I have pictured below.  They bring a pop of something to your outfit, and they still look nice enough to wear to work!  Neon colors also have a youthful vibrancy to them.  They are so fun and cute for summer!


                Photos: JustJaredJr.com,                   CoolSpotters.com,                     JobsForMyProfile.com


        Photos: LaundryImagery.com,                  CJN297.com,                      RubysView.com



If you're feeling really daring, you can wear two different colored pieces at once (known as color-blocking) for a bolder statement like the above left picture of Jennifer Lopez!



I hope these tips help you to have fun with color this season!  Neon is a great summer color because it makes you look much more tan than before (just like wearing white would)!  Fabu-bliss!





A Look Into My Inspirations

I thought that I would finally throw a little bit of myself into this blog and make a post dedicated to my inspirations and obsessions in fashion and beauty at the moment.  Of course, every picture and post I put on Fabu-bliss is something I absolutely love, but these are some of my favorite current clothing, makeup, accessory, and hair trends--a lot of these pictures are ones that I hang up and look at every day.  This is an inside look at my inspiration board.  I hope you enjoy!  






There are absolutely no rules in fashion, so don't limit yourself.  I hope you turn your inspirations into a reality too!






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Fashion DIY!

I want to talk about some awesome DIY (do it yourself) fashion ideas today.  Whether you're on a budget or are just a crafty person (even if you aren't a crafty person, these three ideas I have are SUPER easy!), these DIY ideas can keep you on trend without spending a single buck (not to mention that they're totally unique--you will have people asking where you got these!).  



Beaded wedges were seen all over the runway for this season.  They've, of course, also been seen in lots of fashion magazines recently, but there is an easy way to get the look without investing money in it.  All you need is some of your favorite beaded bracelets and a pair of your wedges (a pair with a skinnier strap around the ankle will work a little better).  Simply lay your beaded bracelets across the strap around your ankle and then wrap them around your strap to give them more stability.  That literally took seconds to create this trend, and the best part is that you can remove the bracelets later and wear them again!


                             Photos: FashionTreatment.com,                         NewsFashionTrend.com




The other thing that I've seen a lot lately are these colored oxfords.  Neon is a big trend this season, so I've been seeing a lot of bright pinks and blues on the bottoms of shoes.  I have a classic pair of creme oxfords that I got last season (which I actually have pictured below), but I am really loving this idea.  All you need is a pair of your oxfords, a small can of the color paint you want for the bottom of your shoes, painters tape, and a paintbrush.  (I would suggest using paint verses spray paint so it won't get all over your shoes.)  Put painters tape around the part of your shoe where the bottom rubber meets the oxford material so that you won't get paint on them.  Then simply take your paint and paint brush and paint the bottoms of your shoes.  (Don't forget to paint the sides of the bottom so that when you're walking people will see the color.)  Let these dry overnight before you remove the tape to prevent it from bleeding onto your shoes.


                  Before Picture-                                                                                                  After Picture-


                           Photos: Cleveland.com,                     ContainerStore.com,                   Kaboodle.com                      




The other DIY idea that you can do is paint the bottom of your high heels.  You can paint them red to look like Louboutins, or choose whatever color your heart desires.  You can also do this to your simple sandals for a pop of color.  The awesome part about this is that you can change the colors up every season or whenever you want a change!


               Photos: SexyHeelsLouboutin.com,                       FashionDownTheRabbitHole.com




The last DIY project I have for you guys is how to make a denim vest, which is really popular right now (I'm kind of obsessed at the moment).  They've been seen a lot recently on Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, and Selena Gomez in particular.  I think this look is really cool because it doesn't have to necessarily look edgy; there are tons of different looks.  Take an old denim jacket you have and cut off the sleeves.  Make sure you cut a little ways out from the hems around the sleeves so you don't ruin this stitch line.  You can then pull out some of the threads with your hands and throw it in the washer to give it a frayed look at the shoulders where you cut them.  You can also check out some other denim ideas for your vest by clicking on this link to see my

"Denim DIY" post: http://www.wix.com/kelsie9/fab/apps/blog/denim-diy.


Photos: PeopleStyleWatch.com,         JustJaredJr.com,          Fantronomy.com




Hopefully these tips can help you guys get the trends you want this season for little to no money at all.  You don't want to invest in trends because they come and go.  The awesome part about these DIY ideas is that you can change up the paint colors or bracelets on your wedges every now and then to match the trending colors of the season (or even your outfit!).  If you try any of these ideas out, make sure to send me a pic!





Your 5 Beach & Pool Side Essentials

Photo: OfficialKourtneyK.Celebuzz.com


Fall clothing is now starting to hit shelves, but it's only halfway through summertime (and it's been hot)!  Whether you're spending your summer at the pool or the beach, I'm here to keep you grounded and to tell you about the top five summer essentials that you need right now.  (The best part is, since fall clothing is hitting the shelves, summer clothing is going on sale!)  I never go swimming or laying out without any of these.


Spending most of your time outside in the summer can get you the vitamin D you need, but the first and most important thing you need for the summer is sunscreen.  If you think it's a hassle to put on, think about the benefits: no skin cancer and no wrinkles.  When your skin gets sunburned, it swells and destroys cells in your skin.  The fastest and easiest (and my favorite) way to put on sunscreen is with a sunscreen spray; you don't have to sit and rub it in.  It takes literally a minute!

Tips: Most people forget to put sunscreen on their hands, which is the first place you show age.   

Your scalp can burn too!  Don't forget to put sunscreen on the part in your hair unless you're wearing a hat.  Sunscreen can make your hair look oily, so the easiest way to do so is with a sunscreen stick, which can work really well for your face too.

Sunburns are no fun, but if you do happen to get one, buy some Ocean Potion Instant Burn Relief Ice Gel.  This stuff seriously works, and the bottle is so big that it will last you for forever.  You can buy it at any drugstore or Wal-Mart or Target for around $4.  


       Photos: Polyvore.com,                                Soap.com                                            Walmart.com



To block your face from the sun, throw on one of the trendiest hats of the season that have been all over the runway; wear a floppy hat or a classic straw fedora.  Bonus: They go great with all of your other outfits too!


                 Photos: WhosDatedWho.com,           StarStyleInc.com,                             Teen.com


                    Photos: Celebrity-Gossip.net,     GirlsTalkingSmack.com,              SheFinds.com



Sunglasses will, of course, block the sun from damaging your eyes, but it will also stop you from squinting (which can cause crow's feet!).  My pick for the summer are cat eye sunglasses which have been a popular trend for the season.  I have been wearing mine every single day!


                              Photos: Celebrity-Gossip.net,                                     TheFashionFiend.com



No summer pool or beach day is complete without a cover-up to throw on, and Victoria's Secret is my pick to look for an awesome cover-up this season.  There are tons of different styles; there's one for everyone!  Half of them are on clearance!  The ones below are my favorites, but you can click on this link to look through more: 




All Photos: VictoriasSecret.com



Last, but not least, you need a swimsuit!  If you're absolutely clueless or frustrated, you can read my post to see which one will work for your body type by clicking on this link: 



I hope these tips help you to find your last minute beach and pool side essentials.  Not only will these keep you looking super trendy this summer, but they will also keep your skin protected!  Fabu-bliss!




Pump UP the Volume in Your Hair - No Extensions Needed!

I think we can all say that we've been in this situation: your hair is flat.  Sometimes it seems impossible to pump up the volume, especially with us girls who have thick and heavy hair that falls by the end of the day.  Worry no more, because I've come up with five simple ways to add major volume (no extensions needed)!


A few weeks ago, I cut off all of my hair to a blunt lob (long bob), which has added tons more volume, but cutting your hair shouldn't be the only way to achieve the bigger style.  The way that you blow dry your hair every morning can be a major way to change the look and feel of your hair.  My secret for a long time was to blow dry my hair upside down.  You can either tilt your head down and blow dry your hair towards the floor or you can blow dry your hair forward over your face or backward to make kind of a poof; you just have to blow dry it the opposite way of where your hair naturally lays down.  Then when you're finished drying your hair, you just part it where you want it.  Easy volume!


Another easy way that you can add volume to your hair is to, of course, tease it, but this can be really damaging to your hair after being styled like this again and again over long periods of time.  There are a few ways to fix this…  You can wear bump-its!  These small plastic pieces come in many shapes and sizes at your local department or drug store that you put underneath your hair to add lots more volume.  No one will know! 

Photo: InventorSpot.com




If you're wanting some hairstyles that add volume, you can try the bump.  You can either use a bump-it, or if you don't have one, pull the hair back that you want bumped up and twist the end of it.  This makes it easier to pin down with bobby pins, but it also adds a little bit more volume to a 'do that could otherwise be much flatter.  (You can even get it to sit this way with a cute headband!)  This hairdo looks great as a down 'do, but it also looks awesome up in a ponytail; it makes your updo look tons more voluminous.  


  Photos: TotalHair.net,         HawaiiDermatology.com,            Instyle.com,                           Prom.About.com




Speaking of the ponytail, you can also take a rat tail comb (or just use a pencil if you don't have one) and pull out your hair a little bit so it's not tight to your head in a ponytail; this will make it look bigger.  (Keep in mind that slick ponytails tight to your head are in style this season too! *wink*)  


      Photos: UpdosForMediumLengthHair.org,     UsSalonSupply.com,          DailyMakeover.com




The last way to add more volume to your hair can also be the most timely, so this tip is great for a dressy night out or one where you can spend a lot of time on yourself.  It is also the most obvious way to add volume: the curl.  If you curl your entire head with a curling iron, it immediately adds volume to your hair.  A much quicker way to curl in one simple step, though, (even easier than rollers!) is to wear a bun maker or even your own sock in your hair overnight.  It sounds crazy, I know, but it totally works!  You can even keep your hair in this during the day as a high bun since it makes your bun look even more voluminous.  For more information, click on this link to see my post on "Quick Ways to get Waves and Curls" and to see exactly how this sock thing works:



  Photos: SheKnows.com,                              DisneyDreaming.com,                         CelebSalon.SheKnows.com        


                                Photos:  HairstyleNewsBlog.com,       DancingSuppliesDepot.com




I hope these simple tips help you to look and feel your absolute best.  It may seem like it should be a chore, but these easy tips can get you out the door with bigger hair in literally minutes.  Fabu-bliss!




The Modest Way to Wear Crop Tops


Photo: ABlondeinBeijing.com,  Photo: FashionBombDaily.com, Photo: Forbes.com,  Photo: FirstView.com



This season, crop tops and bustiers were seen all over the runway (pictured above), and they are slowly making their way on the red carpet as well.  One person in particular that has been seen wearing these many times recently is Selena Gomez (pictured below).  This look is not a belly shirt (which you might be thinking right now).  As you can see, the look is more classic, but even showing as much skin as this can be uncomfortable and can be really hard to wear.  Here are a few basic tips to cover your skin and also to keep you looking classy and still on trend this season. 


                   Photo: Mirror.Co.Uk.com                Photo: FanPop.com                 Photo: StyleBistro.com



No classy crop top look is complete on or off the runway without a pair of high waisted bottoms, whether it be shorts, pants, or a skirt.  High-waist is the new rise of the season, and pairing it along with the crop top can make an outfit instantly chic.  You can even wear a high enough waist that meets the bottom of your crop top, showing no skin at all.  Most people are uncomfortable showing that much skin, so it's important that this look is so versatile; it truly can work for anyone.  When you pair a crop top, especially oversized, with high-waisted bottoms, it is very figure-flattering.  Where the shirt and skirt meet is where the viewer's eye is drawn into your outfit; this space is around your waist, the skinniest part of your body, making you look thinner.  Just remember, if you're wearing a maxi skirt with a crop top, make sure they balance each other out: wear a tighter crop top with a big and flowing maxi skirt and an oversized crop top with a more figure-fitting maxi skirt.  


                   Photo: GossipGirlFashion.net,       Photo: Trendury.com,    Photo: FashionMagazine.com


    Photo: DenimBlog.com,  Photo: InfoFashion.com,   Photo: Denimology.com,  Photo: OutfitIdentifier.com




Another simple way to look more modest in a crop top is to wear another tank top underneath to cover your belly.  This will create color blocking (wearing two solid colors together), another trend for the season.  You can also put on a jacket overtop of it so it doesn't show as much skin as well (like Selena Gomez's nautical outfit at the top!).


Finding a crop top with a peplum bottom is another trend this season as well!


                             Photo: Ma-Petite-Chou.com                     Photo: TooClothesMinded.com



Extra Tip: Even a very layered top can act as a crop top when you tuck in all the layers into your bottoms except the top one. ;)  I actually found a top in blue from Forever 21 that looks almost identical to this pink one on Ashley Tisdale for only $13.80!  Check it out by clicking on this link: 



                                       Photo: CoolSpotters.com,       Photo: Forever21.com (available now!)



I am in love with this look right now, and I hope these tips make you feel more at ease with the crop top and bustier trend!  





Important Tips to Lead a Healthy & Stylish Life

After watching Dr. Oz today, I thought that I really needed to do a post on how to stay healthy while using beauty products.  Cleaning and maintaining beauty products and clothing is so simple, but we can all forget about how important it truly is (and maybe some of us have never known!).  Here are six very important tips to keep in mind every time you put on makeup, accessories, or your favorite pair of jeans.



Always make sure to clean your makeup brushes!  They can pick up harmful bacteria that can, not only get you sick, but give you serious diseases when used over and over again without being cleaned.  Since there are hairs on your makeup brushes, you can treat them the same way you do your real hair.  Just fill a small bowl with water and add a few squirts of shampoo.  Mix it up with a spoon and then brush your makeup brush around in it for a while.  Good as new!



We all keep lipsticks around for forever, but before you decide to put a shade onto your lips that you haven't used in months (years?), use a baby wipe to remove a little bit of the top layer of lipstick.  Wrap it around the lipstick and swipe upwards quickly (just don't squeeze too tight on it so it breaks!).  Not cleaning your old lipsticks can also result in getting sick from harmful bacteria growing on it, but using a baby wipe will make it clean and brand new!


Photo: SemperSonic.com



While you have the baby wipes out, make sure you clean out your purse at least once a week with them.  Think about all the places you set your purse down and how things can spread onto it (and into it!).  When you get home, hang your purse up so you don't transfer any germs or bacteria into your home.



                                                    Photo: PursePage.com                  Photo: TheBagForum.com



Never share your mascara with ANYONE.  This the easiest way to spread harmful eye infections from person to person since all of our eyes are completely different.  (Also remember to change out your mascara around every three months so it doesn't clump!)



Sometimes we might all forget about washing our scarves, but they need to be treated like all of our other dirty clothing.  Since they're long and hang, they can also pick up harmful bacteria.  Make sure that you regularly wash them!



                                                                                      Photos: Zimbio.com



When buying skinny jeans, a simple rule to make sure they're not too tight on you is the highlighter test.  Take a thick highlighter and make sure it can fit between your waist and the jeans.  If it can't, you probably need looser jeans.  Too tight of jeans can cut off your blood flow, leading to bad circulation and serious problems in the future from long-term wear.



          Photo: DenimBlog.com                 Photo: ICCBusinessProducts.com       Photo: PeopleStyleWatch.com



For more information on Dr. Oz and other beauty tips, you can click on this link: www.doctoroz.com .



I don't mean to scare anyone, but if we're all aware of simple (and I mean simple) beauty blunders, we can all lead healthier and more stylish lives.  Fabu-bliss!





It's Pedicure Season!

It's officially feeling like summertime.  When you think of summer, two things that you probably think of are the sun and flip flops.  It's pedicure season!


Every flip flop season, I always wear Del Sol nail polish on my toes, and I absolutely love it!  This nail polish is really unique because it changes colors in the sun.  My favorite color is called Sassy, which turns from a light pink in the shade to an orange color in the sun (the hot color of the season!).  Every year when I pull it out, it always feels like summer.



Photo: Inspirationail.com




There are tons of shades sold by Del Sol, from bright colors, to glitter and sparkles, to soft pastels.  To see all the colors, click on this link: http://www.delsol.com/eSource/ecom/eSource/items/items-2-S1-lV12-lV215.aspx?store=



There are tons of places in the United States where Del Sol products are sold (nail polish isn't all!).  They sell color-changing sunglasses, t-shirts, swimwear, hair accessories, and lots more.  Click on this link to see if there's a location near you (or just order online!): http://www.delsol.com/eSource/ecom/eSource/cmspages/locations.aspx


Happy summer, everybody!




The TULIP Skirt!

I love little details on clothing; I think it makes a piece more interesting and gives it a very unique look, so what I'm loving right now is the tulip skirt.  I have seen this everywhere; a lot of celebrities have been wearing these lately, and I personally love this trend.


The tulip skirt is just what it sounds like: it is shaped like an upside-down tulip.  I especially love this style of the tulip skirt that has been worn by Nicole Richie a lot lately.  This is kind of a more subtle version of the high-low skirt, which is trending for this season as well.  Notice the small curve upward on the bottom front of the skirt where the two sides meet, which is what defines it as a tulip skirt.   It's this little detailing that makes the piece interesting and draws the attention down to your legs.  (I am in love with the dress on Kim Kardashian on the far right!)


                        Photo: NRichieNews.com                 Photo: CoolSpotters.com          Photo: WeHeartIt.com



Another style of the tulip skirt has been seen on Kim Kardashian a lot recently.  It kind of has the shape of a peplum skirt, but it just has extra gathered fabric at the sides that sticks out around the hips and accentuates them.  I think it looks so cute, and it's an adorable investment for the spring when you buy it in a pretty floral print!  


                                                   Photo: LouiseLovesIt.com           Photo: Luuux.com



This look can be casual or classy, and I think its versatility is definitely a reason to invest in one.  You can dress it up with heels and metallic jewelry or dress it down with a tee and flats.  It's also a great go-to piece because you can throw on a tank top with it (like the first few pictures above) and you're ready to head out the door!  You can derive many looks with one simple piece, saving you time and money!






How to Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Seconds

If you want an instant way to make you look like you've dropped ten pounds, go for panels.


Panels are colored strips of fabric on a garment.  If you find one with a color in the middle in a line, it will instantly make you look even more slim; you just want to make sure that you get one with a lighter color in the middle.  This will draw the attention to the center of the dress, skirt, pants, or shirt and create the allusion of a more slim figure.


If you find a dress or skirt with panels on the sides and that has a curved shape in the middle, it will instantly make you look curvier and more slim--just check out these dresses below.


                                 Photo: Bloomingdales.com         Photo: Mirror.Co.UK        Photo: Polyvore.com



Color blocking, or wearing two solid colors together, is huge this season, so there couldn't be a better time to wear panels, and they can do so much for you!  Here are a few examples of color blocking below.  If you want to read more about it, click on this link to view my color blocking and color coding post:



                        Photo: FashionBased.com           Photo: More.com             Photo: TrendzyStreet.com


I love clothing because it can change how you look in literally seconds.  There are so many ways to make you look slimmer or to amp up your curves.  It's about hiding what you don't like and emphasizing what you do.  I hope these tips help you to feel awesome in your skin.


Happy summer!




My Beauty Must-Have

I just wanted to make a quick post about a beauty must-have that I needed to share.  It is my favorite thing right now.  I've always had trouble finding the perfect mascara for me; I didn't want it to smear or wear off or dry out my lashes, and I have finally found just the right thing: Lashblast Fusion mascara by Covergirl.  It is available at any drugstore or Wal-Mart or Target for less than $10!  (This is what the package looks like below.)

Photo: Polyvore.com



The things I love about this mascara are that it doesn't smear when you're putting it on (even when you put on tons for a more dramatic look), and the brush helps you to get all of your lashes.  The brush is a little more pointed, so you are able to get a dramatic and voluminous cat eye effect and also get your lower lashes.  I love the drama it adds to your lashes, especially because I wear it in black, but if you have a lighter complection or have lighter colored hair, then I would definitely go with a brown or something lighter, and Lashblast Fusion has lots of colors and styles to choose from.


I also love the fact that it makes your lashes so soft and longer--even when it comes off!  A lot of mascaras put on the market lately have a lash growing serum added in them that can help you maintain healthy and long lashes instead of ruining them with makeup or having to deal with fake lashes and glue.  You can put on as many coats as you want, so the amount of drama is totally up to you.  The other thing I love about it is that it doesn't come off over the course of the day.  A lot of makeup I've tried does, so this is amazing.  (P.S.  I wasn't paid to say any of this! ;))


                      Photo: Drugstore.com                        Photo: Luuux.com                            Photo: Allure.com



Tip: Don't forget to throw out your mascara every few months to avoid clumping.  You can also clean off your brush every now and again to further avoid clumping on your eyelashes and also to more evenly provide each individual lash with mascara.


Tip: When applying mascara to your eyelashes, you're going to get a lot more on if you wiggle the brush back and forth from your lash line out.  Do this gently instead of simply just pulling your brush straight through your lashes.  If you wiggle outward, you will get a big cat eye effect (which is trending this spring!).


Tip: Don't forget to take off your makeup every single night before you go to bed!  This mascara is water resistant (but you can also get the original kind), so make sure you use makeup remover.

Photo: Clinique.com



Does anyone else use this mascara?  I am loving it.  If there are any other beauty must-haves that you want to share, let me know!




A Pop of Color!

I know that I've mentioned adding pops of color to your outfits in previous posts, but I wanted to create a post completely dedicated to it since I absolutely love this trend.  Making the transition from winter to spring can be hard sometimes since women become used to wearing more neutral colors, but brighter spring colors shouldn't be hard to wear; they can make you look vibrant and youthful.  Adding a single bright color to your outfit, or a pop of color, can make your neutral outfit ready for spring and make your transition to brighter clothing seamless (no pun intended!).  There are so many ways to do this.  



Probably one of the simplest ways to add a pop of color into your outfit is with your makeup, which can give you a fresh and vibrant look.  Simply wearing bright eyeshadow or a bright lipstick, a trend of the season, can drastically change your entire look.  Also, try adding bright nail polish!  It's very subtle and great way to add some color to your look.


                                              Photo: TheAbbysWorld.com                Photo: ShamIAmGlam.com


                           Photo: HollywoodLife.com                                     Photos: NailsShine.com



Adding accessories in bright colors, like handbags, shoes, or jewelry, are also an easy way to add a pop of color to your otherwise neutral outfit.  Blue jewelry is a trend for this spring season that was recently seen on Beyonce on the cover of People magazineAdding pops of color in subtle ways can keep you from feeling overwhelmed by color; you don't have to worry about mixing and matching colors since neutrals go with pretty much everything.


      Photo: KimKardashian.Celebuzz.com    Photo: Singer22.com        Photo: FashionBombDaily.com


                                           Photo: Gossip-Juice.com                     Photo: JewelDevotee.com



Colored jeans are a trend for this spring, and an easy way to transition into the new season.  Even just adding any other single piece of colored clothing to an already neutral palette can add a "spring" to your step!  Wearing these in a classic cut and silhouette will never go out of style and look classic instead of kooky.  All of these outfits still look very sophisticated--they just have an added fun piece of color!


Photo: FashionBombDaily.com          Photo: PureTimeSale.com                              Photos: WetPaint.com



If you are a more daring fashionista and want to go with full on color this spring, go for color blocking (wearing two solid colors together), something else that's big for the spring season!  I love this outfit on Ashley Tisdale below, which is pretty similar to this second dress on sale at Forever 21 right now for only $19.80!  Click on this link to see it: 




                                             Photo: OsoBlog.TV                               Photo: Forever21.com



I hope these ideas help you to slowly adjust to the new spring colors.  Neon is especially big this season, as well as pastels.  I absolutely love the pop-of-color trend, and it's an easy way to adjust to spring.  Don't be afraid of color, because it can instantly make your look vibrant, youthful, and fun.




Quick Ways to Get Waves & Curls

Curly and wavy hair are all over TV.   I love really versatile looks, but being able to get these hairstyles to fit into your morning routine can be hard when you're dealing with the curling iron or crimper.  Selena Gomez is one of my style icons (if you haven't already noticed from all my posts), and she is always changing up her hairstyle to something new.  Here are some simple ways to get her look and the versatility in half the time! ;)


Of course, hair rollers are always an option, but if you remember me talking about the "sock bun" in my topknot post, you will know that you can use a sock to put your hair up in a bun.  In addition to that, you can also get curly hair from the sock bun!  Just wash your hair the night before, keep it just a little bit damp, and put it all up into a high ponytail on top of your head.  Roll the sock and wind it around your hair like I mentioned in my topknot post.  (You can see the instructions by clicking here: http://www.wix.com/kelsie9/fab/apps/blog/the-topknot.)  When you wake up in the morning, just take out the sock and your hair will be curly in one easy step!


                                               Photo: New-Hair-Style.com        Photo: CelebSalon.SheKnows.com



Of course, if you have more time, another way to get curly hair is the curling iron.  If you want an edgier look with your curly hair, like these first two pictures of Selena Gomez below, don't curl the last inch or two of your hair.  It will give it a messier look and an edge as opposed to the traditional curl on the very right.


        Photo: Beauty.About.com               Photo: StyleBistro.com                   Photo: SelenaGomezPhoto.com



The crimper is one way to get wavy hair, but it can take a lot of time to get through your whole head of hair.  Instead, if your hair waves really easily, after you wash your hair, put it in braids while it's still wet.  Blow dry your hair in braids and then take them out to get beachy crimped waves! 


If your hair has a little bit more trouble keeping a wave, blow dry it completely and leave the braids in.  Use your straightener and press different sections of your braids for a few seconds at a time.  It's important not to pull the straightener down your braid; just literally press a section, remove the straightener, and press another section until you've finished the whole braid.  Then remove the braids, and presto!  


Tip: How big your final waves turn out to be will depend on the size of your braids, so experiment with different sizes for different looks.  Don't forget to add hairspray when you're done so your look will last you the entire day!


                                    Photo: PopHaircuts.com                             Photo: PopSugar.com



I hope these help you to get those beachy waves and curls this season with ease.  It's almost beach time, which is also another perfect time to get wavy hair (use salt water!).






Shirt Dresses: Trying, Buying, & Styling

Shirt dresses were around last spring, and they're back again for this season!  I love this because it's a great way to feel laid back but still look very put together at the same time.  It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your shirt and how you decide to style it.


A floppy hat, woven belt, and flip flops can give off a very laid back beach vibe (I'm really looking forward to trying out this style for the spring!), while a crisp white shirt dress with a gold belt and heels could give it a more elegant, classy look to wear out to a special occasion.  As you can see, this trend is definitely a good investment because it can be worn for many different events.  There are so many styles of shirt dresses that there's something for everyone!  It's a look that doesn't look like it will be going out of style anytime soon!  


    Photo: NewYorkGirlStyle.com     Photo: CelebrityFashionista.com           Photo: EntertainmentWise.com



Leggings worn underneath will keep you warm on a cooler spring day or can even carry your shirt dress over into the winter!  (Just make sure you buy a shirt dress that covers your tush! ;))


Notice how all of these shirt dresses are belted.  This a great way to add shape to your body instead of a streamline and baggy shirt.  An added belt instantly updates your look and keeps it from looking like a oversized shirt you just threw on.  Drop waists, or having the fabric come in around your hips, is trending for this season, but you can also add a belt around your natural waist (between your ribs and belly button) to make you look thinner and to give you shape.


                                                       Photo: Zimbio.com           Photo: MyLifeIsBrilliant.com



So what do you think?  Are you going to be trying out the shirt dress trend this season?  


Enjoy the warm weather!




Change Up Your 'Do to Something New!

Besides all of the new spring fashions, another way to really change up your look for the spring is a completely new 'do to start fresh.  Spring is the time of renewal.  We can all get stuck in ruts sometimes, so just changing up your hair can make you feel completely new and give you a fresh new look for spring.  Louis Licari, a celebrity hairstylist, says that to keep your look fresh and new, a good rule of thumb is to change up your haircut about every five years.  



Lots of celebrities lately have been shown cutting off their long locks, and I just did this recently too.  It's definitely a huge change, but it's fun to change it up every once in a while!  I mean, it will grow back, right? ;)  



BEFORE                                      AFTER  



                                                     Photo: NewsGab.com               Photo: MMM-Mag.com


                                     Photo: OfficialChelseaStaub.com         Photo: TheHairStyler.com


                                       Photo: StyleBistro.com                            Photo: StyleToDress.com


                                           Photo: Inquisitr.com                                Photo: Luuux.com


                                           Photo: CoolSpotters.com                  Photo: WaltonTribune.com

                                             Photo: CelebrityHairStyle.org        Photo: HairOnTheBrain.com

                                              Photo: Flickr.com                                  Photo: Instyle.com

                                      Photo: Essence.com                            Photo: HuffingtonPost.com

These short 'dos are so classic and definitely a fresh update and easy way to change it up for the spring.  You can also grow it out from short to long!  (Warning: it takes patience!)



                                                                  BEFORE                                                AFTER


                                                       Photo: Zimbio.com                         Photo: Sugarscape.com


                                                Photo: Best-Hair-Styles.org               Photo: SarpokTrendy.com



A great organization that I happened to donate my hair to was Locks of Love.  They are a non-profit organization that creates hairpieces out of donated hair to children who have had medical hair loss.  You must have a minimum of 10 inches of hair cut off, and don't worry: it can be curly, colored, or permed.  To read more about the organization and to see if you meet the requirements to donate, click on this website: http://www.locksoflove.org/donate.html



I hope this gives you something to think about if you're debating changing up your look.  Maybe the fact that your hair will help out a child in need is the final determining factor.  I know it was in my choice!








High Waist: The Rise of the Season

Photo: StealingBeauty.com

One of the big trends this season that has actually been around for quite a few seasons is a higher waistline.  High waists are the new hipsters.  No more low-waisted jeans or worrying about leaning over!  You can dress them up or dress them down.  This trend is especially great if you have a longer torso; the high-waisted bottoms will balance out your torso and legs.  The high-waisted trend also gives you definition--by tucking in your shirt, you can achieve the allusion of a smaller waist and an hourglass shape.  


The amazing thing is, you don't even need to necessarily spend any money on this trend.  Just pull your pencil skirt up to your waist or hike up your maxi skirt for this season.  Maxi skirts are big this spring, probably one of my favorite trends, and pencil skirts never go out of style, so it's a double whammy when you add the high-waisted trend in!  Add in a pop of color for a bit of fun like Ashley Tisdale below.


      Photo: JPandAshley.com        Photo: Sugarscape.com   Photo: SheFinds.com     Photo: CoolSpotters.com



If you have a maxi dress in your closet (big again for this season!), you can still achieve the high-waisted look believe it or not.  Just throw over it another big trend for the season: a crop top.  It will make you look like you're wearing a high-waisted skirt since a crop top will hit you short right at the waist, highlighting the smallest part of your body.  You will totally look on trend this spring with this look!


Also, high waisted shorts are another option (one that's been waiting in my closet for spring to come!).  They create the allusion of a shorter torso and longer legs, making your legs appear miles longer--especially if you rock this look with wedges (a definite fun springtime look!).


                   Photo: Examiner.com                    Photo: Zimbio.com                          Photo: FabSugar.com



High-waisted pants are another big trend right now too, but these are probably considered the riskiest trend of them all for people to get right.  Now, I know what you may be thinking…. Mom jeans?  No.  So many celebrities have been seen totally rocking this look; it is chic and very classy when worn right.  What you want is to get just the perfect rise that's right for you.  There is a place on everyone where it is the most flattering where your jeans hit, keeping you from showing off your belly or making you look larger than you actually are.  I would suggest trying to find them in a solid wash, either dark or light.  A darker wash will hide curves while a lighter wash will play up your curves, so keep that in mind while you're shopping.  ;)  If you add a belt to these jeans in a bright color, your waist (again, the smallest part of your body) will be highlighted, making you look thinner!  But do remember, they will highlight your hips.

Photo: Luuux.com



Are you as excited about this trend as I am?  I am so happy about all the sophisticated, classic looks that have been trending for this season.  You can rock the high-waisted trend this season; anyone can.  Just start by hiking up your skirt for a completely new look that doesn't cost you a penny!  Fabu-bliss!




This Spring's Nail Trend!

I have seen ombre, or faded, nails everywhere for this spring, so I finally decided to try it today.  Here's how it turned out.  I actually thought it looked pretty cool!  I used OPI nail polish--my favorite!



It's easy to just go out and buy nail stickers for your fingers, but this is actually so easy, and you can use things you already have at home to give your nails this look.  I was a little skeptical at first because it doesn't look that easy, but it really is!  All you need is two of your favorite nail colors that you want to fade into each other and a makeup sponge.  I actually didn't have any makeup sponges around, so I used a regular sponge and it worked great!


First, apply a coat of one of the colors on your nail, whichever one you want to be on the bottom of your nails.  Wait for that to dry before you add your second color.  Take your second color and paint it in a thick coat onto your sponge.  Take the sponge and press it on the edges of your nails.  If you want, you can also paint multiple colors on the sponge to have multiple colors fading into each other on your nails!  


I also really like the idea of fading your nails into glitter or sparkly nail polish too, so try that out too!

Photo: Pinterest.com



Your nails will look really messy at this point--no worries!  Just dip a Q-tip into nail polish remover, or if you don't have one of those around, a paint brush works great.  Just remove the excess nail polish on your skin and your nails will look perfect!  

Photo: EverythingBobbi.com



Don't forget to add a clear coat on top over the entire nail so it doesn't chip!  If you find yourself having yellow nails, you can also add a clear coat very first thing before the colors to prevent this.  When you go to remove the nail polish and they have a yellow tint to them, just soak your nails in lemon juice!  ;)


Another way you can try out the ombre trend is to paint all of your nails different shades of the same color so they "fade" into each other on your hands.  It's a cool way to just change up your simple solid color!

Photo: TheStudioBYMDM.com



This nail trend is really fun, and it's all the better just because it's so simple to achieve!  Fabu-bliss!


Send me pictures of your nails if you try out the trend!




The Topknot!

The high bun, or "topknot," is one of the biggest hairstyle trends right now, but sometimes it's hard to get that perfect looking bun.  After weeks of looking at all the latest celebrity hairstyles and doing some experimenting myself, I came up with the three best ways to get that perfect topknot.  



WAY #1: The first way is more of a fun hairstyle.  Start by gathering your hair high on your head into a hair tie, but before you pull your hair through to make a ponytail the last time, keep it in a loop.  You will have a piece of hair sticking out from the bun (pictured below). Make this loop as big as you want your topknot.


Then take the remaining piece sticking out and wrap it around the hair tie, securing it with bobby pins as you go.  If your hair is layered, twist the remaining piece on itself and then wrap it around your bun to reduce fly-away pieces.  This is probably the easiest way to keep your bun from falling out since you have most of it secured down with a hair tie.


WAY #2: Start by pulling all of your hair back into a high ponytail with a hair tie.  Twist your ponytail around itself until it starts to make a loop and shape around your hair tie.  Pull it around your hair tie and bobby pin it down.  Add hairspray to finish off the look and to tame any fly-aways.  This bun has more of a twist to it, so it will be a completely new look from the first way.

Photo: Glamour.com


WAY #3: The third way to make a topknot that I've heard so much about recently is to use a bun kit.  They are called a "doughnut bun" and are available now in a lot of stores (I have one pictured below from Claire's). If you don't have one, you can simply make your own at home.  You can either use an old scrunchie (remember these from the '90s?), or take an old sock and cut the toe off of it.  Fold the sock on top of itself and roll it all the way to the top until it is shaped like a scrunchie.  If you don't want to cut up any of your socks, you can also use a leg warmer! ;)


                                                    Photo: Claires.com                               Photo: GlamourMagazine.co.uk


Pull your hair back into a high ponytail once again with a hair tie.  Take your homemade topknot-maker and stick your hair through the hole in the middle.  Leave your topknot-maker about two inches from the very tip of your ponytail.  Waterfall the pieces around the topknot-maker and start to wrap your hair underneath it.  Keep wrapping your hair around it until you make it to your head.  You will be rolling your hair around your topknot-maker in the same way you rolled up your sock.  Just add hairspray to finish off your look.  If you want your bun to look bigger, take a comb pick or use your fingers to pull out your hair a little bit, but not enough to pull entire pieces out.  This bun is a great classic and very sophisticated look, but it is probably the most difficult of the three ways.  If you're having trouble getting this to work, I found an awesome Youtube video that shows an easier way to achieve this look; click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6pSO9ew9OY&feature=related



Tip: When adding bobby pins to your topknot, make sure to push them towards your bun and underneath it.  Then you won't have bobby pins showing all over!



I hope these help you to stay on trend and rock the topknot this spring.  It's a great hairstyle for a day when you wake up late or even for a more dressed up occasion.  Fabu-bliss!



Let me know if you are having any problems!





DIY Denim!

Of course, denim is always in style and has been for decades with your jeans, but this spring it's all about denim jackets (classic) and vests, which are something a little new!  


A denim jacket is definitely a great piece to invest in because they are a classic look that never seems to go out of style!  You can pair them with virtually anything--a tee and jeans (as long as they're in different washes), a skirt, a spring dress, or whatever you want to give a more casual and laid back vibe to your outfit.  A denim jacket is also a great transitional piece--it keeps you warm but also looks ready for spring!


   Photo: DenimStyleSource.com                 Photo: Yoopya.com                                Photo: DenimBlog.com


This season, many celebrities have been seen wearing denim vests, which are kind of a new edgy trend!  You can go out and buy your own, or DIY (do it yourself) one!  Cut off the sleeves of an old denim jacket.  It doesn't have to be perfect--leaving jagged edges, loose strings, and frayed edges will give it an edgy rock 'n' roll vibe.  


                   Photo: DenimBlog.com                             Photo: Teenchive.com                   Photo: AshleyStyle.net


Distress your jacket.  Use sandpaper or scissors to make it even more vintage and worn out if you want, or leave it plain if your style is more classic.  A speckled bleach look is something else that will give your denim vest or jacket a really unique style too.  Even add glitter or add jewels to the buttons for a girly look!  Pair your vest with a solid white tee for a more classic look or try wearing it over a pretty spring dress for a more girly look!  This trend can work into anyone's style.  If you're kind of cautious about wearing it, though, my tip would be to pair it with really simple pieces like a neutral colored tee and dark or light pants, or wear it with a pretty spring dress.  If you want to be even more on trend, pair it with some colored jeans to give your outfit a punch of color!


My favorite way to play up denim and to make it unique is paint splatting, which I have done to an old pair of denim shorts I have for a more fun and kind of quirky vibe.  Pick all of your favorite colors and just throw paint at your denim!  Not only does it look cool and totally unique, but it is super fun to do, especially in the warm weather!  Just let your garment dry overnight on a hanger to give it a paint splatter and drip look (and don't forget to put newspaper underneath so you don't ruin the floor!).  If you want to be even more creative, buy some glow-in-the-dark paint to splatter your denim with.  Have fun with your fashion!

Photo: AceShowBiz.com


I hope these ideas got some creative sparks going for you!  Now, the dilemma is: which denim trend are you going to try this season?  Are you liking the new denim vest trend?  Let me know!  




Just A Little Inspiration...

Photo: CelebDirtyLaundry.com


Instead of the usual style tips today, I wanted to provide a little inspiration for you all (because sometimes we all need it)...


If anbody else caught it, tonight at 9/8c was the Biggest Loser makeover episode, and it was so incredibly inspiring.  Jeannie Mai, one of my absolute favorite fashionistas and stylist and host of How Do I Look?, was in charge of the clothing makeovers and Kevin Paves, a celebrity hairstylist, was the one who did all of the hairdos for the final six contestants.  


Of course, because I love fashion, I love watching makeovers, but this was very unique in itself.  Makeovers aren't for just giving people makeovers, they're for transforming a person's self esteem.  It's amazing to see the contestants' body transformations from their weight loss, and seeing them look brand new, healthy, and dressed up just completes their entire transformations.  It was incredibly inspiring to see their eyes light up as they were told they were getting makeovers and would be visiting the White House in their new looks.  What was even more touching was, not only the contestants' faces when they saw their new looks in a mirror for the first time but, when the trainers' and the contestants' families' faces lit up and made the contestants feel even more confident with their new looks and new bodies.


This is the amazing reason why I love clothes.  They not only transform your look, but they transform your confidence, mood, state of mind, and overall outlook on life.  A great outfit can make you feel amazing about yourself; a set of heels or a nice dress can make you stand taller, make you glow brighter, and make you happier.  Clothing has the power to change your mood and look in literally seconds.  It's so amazing to see such deserving people recieve these makeovers, to see the look on a person's face when they realize that they look awesome in an outfit that they never thought they could wear before.  Priceless.


Here is one of the contestant's makeovers that was aired today.  She looks so much younger!

Photo: DietNutritionAdvisor.com


If you have been watching the show this season, it is so amazing to see the change on the contestants' faces as the season passes by and more and more weight is lost.  Their faces light up, their eyes look clear and bright, they look healthier, but most of all, they look happy.  They are healthy and confident; they are taking care of themselves, and you can see just by watching the makeover show that self confidence can make you look even more beautiful.  Everyone is worth it.  Wear what makes you happy.  You would be surprised what dressing up for a day can do to your mood and confidence level.      


...Just a little bit of inspiration for you all to start off your week.  Did anyone else see the makeover episode today?  


Take care of yourself.  You're worth it.




Spring Dresses - How to Change Up Your's for a Fresh New Look

Spring is finally here!  The warmer weather along with all of the new trends are making me so happy, but of course there's the one thing that always seems to stay in style every spring: the pretty spring dress--and it's time to pull it back out for the season!  Here are some easy ideas and new ways you can stay on trend with your classic spring dress this season without spending a buck!


Last summer brought us the longer hemline for dresses: the maxi dress, and it's the perfect in-between-warm-and-cold-weather dress.  Long sleeved or 3/4 length sleeved dresses are also perfect for the season, and finding them in bright spring colors or patterns makes them even more on trend!  This spring season brings us polka dot and floral trends, which are both so girly and fun!  To make your dress look more edgy, throw on a leather jacket overtop.  If you want a classy look for work or a job interview, throw on a blazer.  Also try a cardigan or denim jacket for a laid back and very spring-like vibe!


              Photo: FashionBombDaily.com    Photo: PeopleStyleWatch.com        Photo: Wattpad.com


                                                 Photo: Posh24.com                Photo: CelebrityFashionista.com



To give your spring dress a whole new look this season, throw a t-shirt or button-up overtop of it!  It will appear as a skirt and give off a completely new look to your outfit.  If you do this with your maxi dress, you will look right on trend for the season since maxi skirts are so in!  


If you're still adjusting from neutral winter colors to the bold and bright colors that spring brings, belt it!  Put a bright colored belt over your more neutral dress to give it a pop of color and make it ready for spring.  This is a great way to add shape to a maxi dress.  Wearing the belt around your waist, which is the thinnest part of your body, will not only accentuate your curves, but make you look thinner!


                                             Photo: Celebuzz.com                     Photo: AnythingHollywood.com



For all you experimental fashionistas out there, another cool trick that I'm excited to try this season is wearing a skirt over your dress.  It will give it a fresh new look and will add another pop of color to your dress or, by adding a neutral color, will tone it down and could even make it look more dressed up for work.  If you're not so experimental, find a skirt that matches your dress and make sure your dress doesn't stick out of the bottom so your pretty dress looks like a cool new shirt instead!


Or with a more summer-y knit dress, wear it as a skirt like Amanda Bynes on the right.  You can have multiple looks with one dress!


                                                     Photo: StyleFrizz.com        Photo: Seventeen Magazine



I hope these ideas help you to freshen up your spring look.  As you can see, some new spring trends could be hiding somewhere in your closet.  Just by mixing up pieces you already have, you can get a completely new style and have a new fresh look for this spring season.  Fabu-bliss!




The Go-To for ANY Occasion: Blazers!

I am in love with blazers.  They are the perfect investment to make for pretty much any season because they never go out of style and also because they are so versatile.  You can get any type of look with one: professional, edgy, quirky, classy, or sporty.  Wearing one can tone down an outfit or add a punch of color to it.  There are so many different kinds of blazers and ways to wear them: oversized blazers, cropped blazers, printed blazers, neon blazers, long sleeve blazers, bracelet sleeve blazers, classic blazers--the list goes on and on.   Here are some style ideas and tips to find you the perfect look with your blazer!


The classic color for a blazer is black.  It can make any outfit look classy, sophisticated, edgy, or professional.  This is probably the best color for you to invest in since it will never go out of style.  The specific trends for this spring are neon, floral, and other patterned blazers.  They are fun to throw over basic blacks and other neutrals you already have in your closet, so don't be afraid to wear these!


               Photo: TheVogueDiaries.com     Photo: MyFashionCents.com    Photo:TheStyleAndBeautyDoctor.com



Another trend for the spring that's big is color blocking, which is essentially wearing different solid colors together.  You can mix in some of your neutral colors with brighter spring colors to look right on trend!


                                           Photo: FashionBombDaily.com    Photo: ThriftyTrendsetters.com



Blazers are perfect for work.  A great way to make any dress look more professional is to throw a blazer overtop of it.  Throw a blazer over a sequin dress or bold dress to tone it down and make it wearable for any occasion.  Also, you can throw a blazer over your casual spring dress to give it a classic new look and to make it more sophisticated for that special occasion.


        Photo: StyleBistro.com                Photo: Posh24.com                  Photo: Luuux.com      Photo: Nitrolicious.com



If you have to get dressed up for work, a job interview, etc., the perfect "power woman" look is black pants with a  blazer.  It is so professional, everyone will have to take you seriously!  (Heels will only add to your confidence!)


                                                   Photo: FashionFame.com    Photo: News.Stylecaster.com



A blazer can also add so much to just a simple t-shirt and jeans.  Just look how much more drastically classic these looks get with a blazer overtop.  They look so sophisticated, and this a great go-to when you don't want to wear just a t-shirt and jeans on a more casual day.   Blazers can also add an edgy look to ripped up shorts and a t-shirt or a classy look to classic shorts on a summer day, adding to your warmth and style!


               Photo: Urban1972.com           Photo: TheFashionPolice.com                Photo: StyleBistro.com


                            Photo: Posh24.com                     Photo: UpScaleHype.com      Photo: FabSugar.com



Another trend for the spring is white on white.  An all white outfit looks classic, fresh, and ready for spring.  A blazer adds class and sophistication to dress for a special occasion or work.  


Belting your blazer is another big trend for the spring and can add some shape to your figure (and makes you look thinner!) if you feel your blazer overwhelms you.  Another way to add shape to your figure is to look for blazers with darts sewn in the sides.  This will make the blazer fit better around your body contours and give you shape.


To give your blazer a whole new look, wear a longer pretty blouse underneath.  It will make a long blazer look cropped and essentially give you a brand new look!


                                          Photo: Posh24.com                             Photo: StyleBistro.com



Extra Tips: Looking for a blazer without pocket flaps on the bottom front makes it look more expensive.  If your blazer has them, just tuck them into the pocket; it will make your blazer look worth more in just seconds!


Wear them buttoned or un-buttoned to change up the look!


If you want to show off your bracelets or make your blazer look more girly and fitted, roll up the sleeves!  So many celebrities do it, and if your blazer has a pretty patterned or colored lining, it will show and give you a more unique look to your blazer.  If you're having trouble getting them to stay, just slide in some double stick tape.  No one will see it, and it will keep your sleeves in place all day long!


The next time you want to add some class to an outfit, dress up a simple one, add a punch of color, or tone down a bold outfit, throw on a blazer!  They fit everyone's personality and style, and never go off trend!  Just remember to invest in classics (black, or maybe white, navy, or khaki) and find cheaper versions of the trends to save your wallet some money for next season's trends! ;)  Fabu-bliss!




Spice Up Your Ponytail!

We all have them--those days where you just want to throw your hair up in a ponytail.  But when it gets to be the same old ponytail day after day, it's time to change it up!  Here are some easy ways to instantly spice up your simple ponytail.  



                          Crimp your hair or put it in braids prior                   Curl your ponytail to make

                        to creating your ponytail to make it wavy!                       it more voluminous.


                                       Photo: Prom.About.com                                    Photo: Hairpedia.com




                               Change up your part                                         Add a poof to the top!  Tease 

                               for an instant update.                                      your hair or throw in a bump-it!


                             Photo: StyleBistro.com                                        Photo: RealBeauty.com




      Braid your ponytail, or braid a section across the top of your head for an unexpected twist.


                            Photo: RealMomsGuide.SheKnows.com           Photo: CupcakeTasteNice.com




                       Try a messy pony by pulling all of your hair               Pull your ponytail a little 

                         loosely back.  It's a big trend this season!           esquew and go for a side pony!


                                    Photo: InStyle.com                                            Photo: StyleBistro.com




                                 Try a high ponytail or a low and sleek ponytail to change up your look.


                                    Photo: News.Instyle.com                    Photo: MyFashionBeautyTips.com




      Instead of a side pony, pull back half of your                           Try a flip pony!  Simply pull 

       hair and pin it in the back.  Leave the other                             your hair into a ponytail and 

    side out for a totally new and sleek look.  You                           then stick your finger above 

       can also try pulling both sides of your hair                              your hair tie to divide it into 

          back and leaving the very back loosely                              two parts.  Twist your ponytail 

            hanging overtop of the pinned back                                       upwards and pull it through 

              sides to create a very glam pony.                                             the hole you've made.


                       Photo: BeautyRiot.com                                                    Photo: Sanatas.com





                          Leave your bangs out or longer pieces                Wrap your hair around your hairtie   

                     at the sides of your head to frame your face.                for a sleek and natural look. 


                                          Photo: Zimbio.com                                               Photo: HollywoodPix.com



All of these ideas can take your ponytail from simple to instantly glam in only a few minutes (or less!).  You can even try a few of these ideas at once, just be creative!  Your hair shouldn't take an eternity to do, just a few minutes can spice up your ponytail and make it instantly fabu-bliss!




Dark Circles or Bags Under Your Eyes - How to Fix it & Prevent it

Maybe you barely got any sleep last night or you always find makeup to be frustrating around your eyes. Either way, you have dark circles and/or bags under your eyes. Here are some easy ways to fix those when you're on the go and ways to prevent them in the future. 


In this situation, concealer is your best friend. My favorite to use right now is Clinique's All About Eyes Concealer. It is thicker and meant specifically for dark circles. (Just remember to buy it in one shade lighter than your skin. It will brighten up your eyes and cover.)  Add a powder first to get rid of oils on your skin so the concealer will stick. Apply the concealer on your dark circles (pictured below) and dab in with your ring finger. Dabbing with the heat of your weakest finger will transfer heat to let it soak into your skin and not smear or wrinkle. Don't forget to dab it in the inner corners of your eyes along the sides of your nose; most people forget this area, and it helps brighten up your eyes even more (since the bridge of your nose can cast shadows over this area and make your dark circles look even darker). Powder again over the top of the concealer for your finished product. 


                                   Photo: FashionFuss.com                      Photo: RealBeauty.com




Another thing to try is to wear white or silver eyeshadow (which is a trend for the spring!). It will brighten up your eyes even more and make you look more awake. You can also smear it along the bottom of your eyes subtly too, and don't forget to dab some at the inner corners of your eyes. 


                                            Photo: EOnline.com                                               Photo: StyleBistro.com




If you're using a darker eyeshadow, do a highlight with white or silver eyeshadow under the arch of your eyebrows like the first picture to make your eyes glow instead of look dreary (like how you probably feel from no sleep). Also, to clean up your dark eyeshadow, after you apply it add concealer to the inside and outside corners of your eyes to clean it up and to not make your entire eye area look dark and dreary like the second picture.


                                      Photo: Instructables.com                                  Photo: RealSimple.com




To finish off your look, go for a dewy style by adding some soft pink blush to your cheeks to make you glow and look even more awake.  

Photo: HollywoodLife.com




Tip: To prevent bags under your eyes, sleep on a pillow! Sleeping with your head tilted up a bit verses sleeping flat will reduce liquids from building up and gathering under your eyes to cause bags. 


Just try out these tricks the next time your sleeplessness shows. Even when you're tired, you should still feel fabu-bliss!




The Perfect Swimsuit for YOU

Swimsuit season is coming up quick, and it shouldn't be something to dread.  Warm weather, beaches, and sun are some things you should look forward to.  Whether you're a size 4 or 14, there is the perfect swimsuit out there for you to accentuate what you love and to hide what you don't.



SMALL BUST:  The perfect way to play up your bust is to go for a top with ruffles, pleats, cinching, or other extra fabric detailing.

Photo: ButterfliesAndBikinis.com                      Photo: Polyvore.com                           Photo: Victoria's Secret 




LARGE BUST:  Look for a top with built-in underwire.  This will support you and look fashionable.  A lot of newer swimsuits have this built right in (check out Victoria's Secret), but look for one with ties or in a bright color so it doesn't look like a bra!  


                                Photo: ISDStyle.com - Victoria's Secret          Photo: USFashionShop.com            




PETITE: If you're thin and want to add curves to your body, you can go for a one piece suit or a monokini.  A monokini is a one piece suit with cut-outs that will make you look curvier (first picture).  A one-piece swimsuit will also hug your body and emphasize it.  You can also try a peplum swimsuit bottom; it will add curves around your hips (and is trending this spring!).  Another way to add more curves and attention to your hips is to find a swimsuit bottom with ties, rings, or other detailing at the sides that will bring the attention there.

                      Photo: AE.com                        Photos: Currently being sold at Victoria's Secret.com  




FLAT BOOTY:  Look for detailing or cinching on the back of your swimsuit bottoms.  You can also look for a peplum bottom or skirted bottom which will add fabric around that area, or try boy shorts to play up your booty!      


Photos: All currently being sold at Victoria's Secret.com.




THIGHS: If you don't want to show off your thighs, try beach shorts or a skirted swimsuit bottom.  Both will cover, and beach shorts can go right into the water too!  

                                        Photo: Clothing.Fashpages.com            Photo: Victoria's Secret


HIPS & BOOTY: The best way to draw the attention away from your hips is to wear a solid-colored swimsuit bottom with a detailed, bright, or patterned top.  This will bring the attention upwards.  You can also wear a tankini, or two piece swimsuit, to cover up your hips.  If you find one with a V-neck, it will draw the attention upwards towards your face.  You can also try out a flowing skirt that's built into swimsuit bottoms to flow over and cover up your bottom half.


                       Photo: SwimSpot.com                     Photos: Both currently being sold at Victoria's Secret.com



TUMMY:  If your tummy is something you're self-conscious about and don't want to show, there are some options for you.  A tankini is a two-piece swimsuit that is perfect for covering up your belly by flowing seamlessly down your torso.  Another option you can use is to look for swimsuit bottoms that aren't high-waisted (which will accentuate your full belly) and that aren't really low-waisted (to show off your entire belly).  Look for swimsuit bottoms that hit right in the middle.  This will split your tummy in half and essentially make you look slimmer (the same goes for pants too!).  Also, the belt on the swimsuit in the first picture accentuates your waist (the thinnest part of your body), making you look smaller!  Cinching across the tummy (like the last picture of the pink swimsuit) hides all of your bumps and curves and smoothes you out.


                 Photo: ThisNext.com                       Photo: YesCostumes.com               Photo: WhatsOnXiamen.com     



I hope these tips help you to feel your best at the poolside or beachside this summer.  You shouldn't be worried about looking bad--enjoy the warm weather while you can.  (And to make you even happier--check out these stores' swimsuits to get you started: Victoria's Secret, Delia's, American Eagle, and J. Crew!)




Hair rut? Headband!

Headbands are not just for throwing your hair back when you get annoyed with it; they are also a way to add a punch of color or that extra pop of glam you need to finish off an outfit.  From plastic to elastic, soft to hard, and thick to thin, there are so many different kinds of headbands that can be added so many different ways to your outfit.  So instead of sticking to habit, experiment and mix up your 'do with these different headband styles.


If you don't have a headband, the simplest way to get your hair done fast and to also add some chic is to throw a scarf around your head!  Tie it in a bow at the back of your neck (or at the top of your head for a cute bow).  If you're having trouble getting it in place, buy a fabric headband with a hard shape underneath with ties, or make your own!  Buy a cheap headband (in whatever size you want) and hot glue your fabric around it.  It will become a one-of-a-kind headband that no one else will have!  (Just wait until the glue dries to wear it!)


                          Photo: Squidoo.com        Photo: CelebBeach.com                 Photo: StyleBistro.com



A cute flower headband can add a girly and very pretty touch, but mix it up by flipping it upside down so it's next to your cute bun!


                                          Photo: WVpapach.org                         Photo: FashionFame.com



A really cute way to mix up your headband is to pull your headband straight down over your head for an adorable boho look.  Wearing a thick fabric one like Kourtney Kardashian below will also keep your head warm and looks super cozy!


                                          Photo: MyFashionBeautyTips.com             Photo: GoldSatum.com



Wear your headband right at your hairline to mix it up and to add that cute final touch to your outfit.  Look for one in a cool shape to add an unexpected look to your hairdo.


        Photo: DailyMakeover.com                     Photo: ShopSuite201.com                     Photo: OutfitIdentifier.com



Pull all your hair back in a headband for a classy and elegant look like Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian below.  Also, try sliding a headband straight down into your nautral hair with your bangs out for a subtle pop of color or shine like Ashley Tisdale's pop of red to an otherwise neutral outfit below.


Photo: BuzzBox.com     Photo: ChristianLouboutinShoesUK.info.com     Photo: Headbandsblog.headbands.net



Try the poof!  Pull all of your hair back into a headband and slowly shimmy it forward for some added volume to your hair and a poof for your updo.  The easiest way to get this poof is to wear multiple thin headbands at once! It is such a cute look that will add that final touch to an otherwise simple ponytail or bun.


                                                  Photo: Glamour.com       Photo: FashionableSelenaGomez.weebly.com



These are just a few of the different and new ways you can wear a headband, so just experiment!  Make your own, or just pop on one of your headbands to add a final touch to that simple outfit you never knew what to pair with.  Hair rut?  Headband!




How to Look Fabulous with 50s Inspired Trends

My absolute favorite decade of all time is the 1950s.  I would live there if I could.  The clothing was so classy and elegant; it was the time of the "New Look" by Christian Dior and the fame of Audrey Hepburn that forever influenced fashion.  The 50s look so sophisticated and have come back into fashion, but have been altered to have a more modern feel to them.  Here are 10 ways for you to add that classy 50s vibe to your wardrobe this season.


LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Probably the most iconic fashion that has stuck with us is that of Audrey Hepburn: the LBD (or little black dress).  This piece has become a staple in every woman's closet and has constantly evolved for the past few decades into different silhouettes and styles.  It matches absolutely everything and looks so elegant.


                                  Photo: TheVintageCream.co.uk                      Photo: Posh24.com


STRIPES & HIGH WAISTED SHORTS: Stripes are in this season, and I am in love with them.  They have this nautical vibe to them, and pairing them with high waisted shorts just looks so casual.  High-waisted pants are slowly creeping back into style,  as well as skirts.  They are best for women with longer torsos if you want to break up your torso and create equal proportions.


                    Photo: Kaboodle.com              Photo: xlcountry.com                        Photo: LuckyMag.com


TRENCHCOAT: These seriously never go out of style, and they look so classy and elegant.  They are a great investment for this spring season.  They come in so many different styles and lengths, so there's a shorter one out there for you if you're afraid all of the fabric will overwhelm you.



                  Photo: LakeLandElements.com         Photo: RougeBerryFashion.com       Photo: Style.Mtv.co.uk


CATEYE SUNGLASSES & EYES: I am in love with cateye sunglasses for this spring season.  They don't look like costumey glasses because they come in simple styles that make them look much more modern.  As for cateye makeup, this a huge trend right now.  Simply take your eyeliner and instead of ending at the outside corner of your eye, make a quick swipe upwards.  You can make it as thin and simple or as thick and bold as you like.  There are even stick-on cateye liners out there that you can buy and stick on your eyelid for a very straight and clean line.

              Photo: MyFashionCents.com       Photo: SunglassesWarehouse.com  

Photo: CelebrityBeautyBuzz.com


CUTE HEADBAND: I love this look because it can make throwing up your hair on a morning you woke up late look so put together and classy.  There's no need to invest in one: just take one of your scarves and wrap it around your head.  (It's a good excuse to not spend a lot of time on your hair!)


                                                                                                           Photo: SelenaGomezPhoto.com


BIG SKIRTS: Christian Dior made this big skirt famous as one of the main silhouettes of the 1950s, and it's so pretty and can be worn by virtually anyone.  It shows off your waist and covers up your hips, thighs, tummy, and backside (plus it look so girly and fun!).  There is a cute dress in this silhouette at Delia's right now for $44.50.  Click on this link: http://store.delias.com/item.do?itemID=57991&categoryID=2022   This look can also be achieved with an A-line maxi skirt (which is huge this season) paired with a tighter-fitting top.

 Photo: FiftiesWeb.com                          Photo: LetuBooks.com    
                            Photo: SunnySummerDresses.com          Photo: ConfessionsOfAGlamaholic.com
RED LIPS: This is the perfect shade to brighten up your outfit and looks ultra classy and sleek.  Try out different shades of red, but if you're daring, go for true red.
                                               Photo: HollywoodLife.com                       Photo: Fanpop.com
BIG HATS are another look on Audrey Hepburn that looks so elegant and classy.  It is the perfect look for summer to keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent racoon eyes from your sunglasses.  It looks great worn casual with your cover up, swimsuit, a maxi dress, or looks great dressed up with a blouse or skirt.

                                   Photo: AllOverAlbany.com                            Photo: KimKardashian.Celebuzz.com


Trends come and go, but ones from the past keep coming back again and again.  Even though they are dated, modern twists are added to them to make your wardrobe look in check and keep you up with the trends.  The 1950s were a time of sophistication and class, and that never goes out of style.




Figure Flattering Dresses

Dresses.  Most women don't wear them, at least regularly, but there is always that time where you have a special occassion and need one.  A lot of women seem to shy away from dresses; you might say that you don't look good in them, but there is one that is perfect for absolutely everyone and every size and shape.  There are so many different kinds that people don't realize or even think about; thinking about the style, hemline, sleeves, neckline, and waist, you can see that there are a million different combinations (so there's the perfect one for you!).  Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect dress for that special occassion.



Body-con dresses are exactly like their skirt counterpart.  They are body clinging and will show off all of your curves, so if you want to show your's off or are petite and want to appear curvier, this is the dress for you.  These are three of my favorites.  The first one of Kim Kardashian is one shouldered, which is big this season as well as the third picture of sheer, another trend for spring.  The middle picture of Selena Gomez I love because it looks so classy and put together.  Solid colors keep it simple so they can be matched with any blazer or jacket worn over them, but go for a bold print if you want to look colorful and fun.  Be careful what you wear under these dresses, though, because lines will show!


        Photo: HerveLegerInSydney.com             Photo: MyLifeIsBrilliant.com         Photo: LogicalHarmony.net


A-Line dresses are literally shaped like the the letter "A" and flare out a bit on the sides.  They are good for covering up your thighs, hips, your belly, or your backside.  


                                          Photo: PromDressau.com             Photo: PopStarsMusic.OnSugar.com


Bubble/Poof/Princess dresses are like A-line dresses, but more exaggerated.  They're another way to cover your thighs, hips, belly, or backside (and they look so cute and girly!).

Photo: J-14.com


Maxi dresses are perfect for covering up your legs and thighs.  If you're very curvy and feel like a maxi dress will overwhelm you, look for paneling, which is a colored line that goes down the center of your dress like the third picture of Selena Gomez.  It will make the dress appear streamline on you and make you look thinner.  (Tip: paneling on the sides of a dress will make you look curvier!)  Maxi dresses come in either an A-line shape to cover you up, or a straight fit that will streamline down your legs.  If you want to show off your legs, find a dress with a slit down the leg, or you can try out uneven hemlines which are big for the season; high-low dresses are in as well as diagonal hemlines, so try them out for the spring!

               Photo: StyleWithAnna.com                    Photo: MTV.com  


Boxy dresses are a rectangular shape that have no curves to them at all.  This is good at giving you a playful, simple, and young look and can hide curves, but you can also belt it to add more shape to your figure.  


                  Photo: 2Threads.com                     Photo: HotOnlineNews.com                  Photo: HitMasty.com


Mermaid dresses are literally shaped like a mermaid; instead of having the dress poof out around the waist, the poof happens lower down the leg and looks like a mermaid tail.  This will show off your hips and add curves to you dramatically, but you can also try out a less dramatic mermaid dress like this second one on Selena Gomez  for a more subtle effect.


                                            Photo: DopeFiles.com                        Photo: BackSeatCuddler.com


SLEEVES: One shouldered sleeves are big for the season, but also in the cold weather, long sleeves or bracelet sleeves (sleeves that go 3/4 of the way down your arm to show off your bracelets) will keep you warm and cover up your arms if you don't want to show off those.  You can also combine these two trends: one shoulder and one sleeve like this last purple dress on Selena Gomez.

                     Photos: MMM-Mag.com       StyleNews.PeopleStyleWatch.com       StyleHub.com         MyLifeIsBrilliant.com


WAIST: If you want to accentuate or show off your waist, you can belt your current dress, or look for one that sinches in the middle like the purple dress on Selena Gomez above or these below.  It will show off your waist, add shape to your figure, and ultimately make you look thinner.


           Photo: MyFabulousStyle.com                    Photo: IHeartThat.com                   Photo: WhosDatedWho.com


Another thing that's been done a lot by celebrities lately is exaggeration or detailing on the shoulders.  It brings the attention up to your face and has an exaggerated and powerful look to it.  If it's too dramatic for you, you can look for smaller shoulders or find a dress with subtle details and embellishments on the shoulders.

Photo: iGossip.com


If you want to be on trend with your dress this spring, try out a peplum dress, which has two layers to it (the top one is A-line or more exaggerated).  These are also popular in skirts and shirts.  

Photo: FashionBombDaily.com


I hope these tips help you to find your perfect dress for that special night out or even just for dressing up and treating yourself.  Everyone deserves to feel fabu-bliss!




The 10 Basic Pieces that Every Woman Needs in her Closet

The best way to save money and keep your wardrobe in style is to invest in basic pieces that never go out of style.  When new trends come out, you can slowly add cheaper trends to your outfits, keeping both your wallet and wardrobe in check.  Here are the utmost basic pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe that never go out of style.


JEANS - Of course, the utmost basic of a woman's wardrobe is jeans.  They are comfortable and can be worn with practically anything.  To save some extra money, invest in a pair of jeans in a darker wash.  These can be worn both casually and more dressed up with a blazer or pretty blouse.  Black or white jeans are also a great investment.  Both colors match everything; black can be very dressy and professional and also edgy, and white can be worn both as a casual spring outfit or more dressy with a blouse or blazer too.


                                            Photo: TheVogueDiaries.com                  Photo: SheKnows.com


BLAZER - These never go out of style and can be worn with practically everything.  They dress everything up: jeans, a skirt, pants, or over a dress.  They are a great investment for practically every occasion you can think of--work, a date, or just around town.                        



                   Photo: StarStyleInc.com           Photo: FabSugar.com              Photo: LaurieHasson.com


BUTTON-UP SHIRT - These are flattering on everyone.  The simpler, the better; they can be worn with anything this way: dressy under a blazer, casually with jeans, under a dress, over a shirt, or anything you can think of.  Wear it unbuttoned, buttoned, halfway buttoned, or tie the ends together at the bottom to be on trend for this spring season.  


                                                Photo: Fanlala.com                               Photo: VintageMahogani.com


CARDIGAN - This is perfect to throw over a t-shirt or blouse for a casual, but still put together, look.  Cardigans are so warm and cozy and can even look sophisticated over a dress or skirt.  Wear it belted to add shape to your figure, or try buttoning it all the way up for a new look.


                                      Photo: CoolSpotters.com                               Photo: StyleBistro.com


JEAN JACKET - Does this ever go out of style?  Jean jackets look so casual over a dress or t-shirt and are such a laid back style for the spring!  

Photo: TheVogueDiaries.com


DRESS - For that dressy occassion, every woman needs a dress in her closet.  Most recommend a LBD (little black dress), but find one in a color you love--white, pink, blue, green, black, yellow, purple, or whatever suits your style.  You can throw a blazer over it or just wear it alone.  Either way, you'll always be ready for that special occassion that always happens to randomly come up!


                                Photo: RosyandJazzShow.Webs.com                  Photo: Xanga.com


T-SHIRT - This cozy piece has never and will never go out of style.  They are perfect for that laid back day.  Throw a blazer over it for a more sophisticated look on the town.  Wear them to bed, wear them to lay around, wear them shopping, wear them for absolutely anything.

Photo: StyleBistro.com


TRENCHCOAT - This classic silhouette will keep you warm in the winter and also in style in the spring.  This is the perfect coat that has been around for ages.  They come in so many different fits, lengths, styles, and colors, so there is the perfect one out there for everybody.

                                            Photo: TheFashionPolice.net                  Photo: MyStyle.com


PENCIL SKIRT - This skirt is flattering on every body type.  They emphasize your waist, flow over your curves, and make you look long and lean.  They can be worn high waisted to emphasize your waist or low waisted to emphasize your hips and curves.  You can wear them with your shirt tucked in to show off your skirt or pulled out to make your skirt appear shorter.  Either way, this skirt is never going out of style.

Photo: BestFan.com


SWEATER - These have been in for decades, and they keep you looking both warm and fabulous.  From chunky knits to thinner sweaters, they are definitely something to keep in your closet for the warm winter months.  You can wear them with jeans, layer them over a dress, wear them with a skirt, or throw your button-up shirt underneath it for a sophisticated collar!


                                   Photo: OfficialKourtneyK.Celebuzz.com   Photo: TheBudgetBabe.com


As for accessories, you should always have a pair of heels or flats present for those dressy occassions.  Flats can also be worn more casually, so they are a great investment for either situation.  Black or nude heels are the way to go if you're looking to save some extra money because of the single fact that they match practically everything.  


                              Photo: StarStyleInc.com                         Photo: CheapLouboutins2011.net


Scarves and sunglasses are two other accessories that never go out of style.  Everyone is always going to want to keep their necks warm and also to keep their eyes protected.  Go for ones in a solid color and classy shape so they match everything you want.


                                           Photo: StyleBistro.com                  Photo: CaliforniaStyleOnline.com


Every woman should have these simple pieces in her closet.  They are great to invest your money in for the fact that they never go out of style.  By slowly adding cheaper pieces to your closet that are trending, your wallet and wardrobe will never fail.  Fabu-bliss!




Top 10 Trends for Spring

I am getting so excited for spring!  Not only is it a change in weather, but there are so many things changing in fashion for the spring.  It's the time to start fresh and change up your look, whether it be with the latest fashion trends, a new haircut, or switching up your makeup.  Change it up!  New weather equals a new you, so try out some of these trends that are new and huge for the spring.


POLKA DOTS - I am personally in love with polka dots.  They are back once again, and such a fun pattern for the spring!  Try them out like Selena Gomez below in a spring trenchcoat (a trenchcoat is a great investment because they never seem to go out of style!).  Also, polka dot dresses are so cute, and I especially love this one with the polka dot overlay, which brings me to the next big trend for the spring...


                                               Photo: JustJaredJr.com                                    Photo: Main.Stylelist.com


SHEER - Sheer is big for the spring; with warmer weather comes thinner fabrics.  I think this trend can be kind of intimidating for people, though, and it's definitely a risky thing to wear sometimes.  You just have to make sure you have something underneath that covers up all those pesky straps.  Have fun with sheer, and try wearing it with a bright color underneath!  


                                               Photo: Possessionista.com                         Photo: Style.Mtv.com


NEON - Neon colors are trending for the spring.  The thing about this trend is that you either love it or hate it, so if you think if it's a bit too loud for you, try it out with a cheap accessory before investing in something big.  Buy some bracelets, a bold necklace, a pair of shoes, or a handbag like Kim Kardashian below.  The best thing to do with trends is to buy them cheaply and pair them with basic garments you've invested in.  This trick will save you money and keep your wardrobe in style!


                                              Photo: ilkemozturk.com                              Photo: Pink255.com


PEPLUM SKIRT - This new trend is definitely a blast from the past, and it was seen all over the runway for the spring season.  This is definitely a trend you want to try out if you want to add curves to your figure, especially around your hips or thighs.  (If you don't want added volume around your hips, try a peplum skirt with a top layer that goes farther down your leg.)  This trend can also be done with your shirt; if you don't find one with a peplum bottom built in, create one with a belt!

                                    Photo: CollegeGloss.com                                 Photo: Kaboodle.com


FLORAL - Of course, floral print is back for the spring.  It is so girly and very feminine; it's the perfect pretty pattern for the spring!  


                                       Photo: x17online.com                                  Photo: Dress80s.blog.com


DENIM - Denim is always in, and it is such a classic look.  Everybody wear jeans, but try out a denim jacket (a good investment because it practically never goes out of style) or a denim shirt.  Rules have been changed: a denim shirt with denim pants is okay as long as you have contrasting washes.  


                                          Photo: DenimBlog.com                             Photo: CoolSpotters.com


MINT GREEN - This is the color of the season.  If you don't want to spend money on this color as a main garment, try wearing mint green shoes.  You can then wear them during any season, and they're a good investment because you can wear them anytime.  Also, try it out in a nail polish (OPI is my favorite!).  It's so chic and will instantly update any otherwise neutral outfit!


                                  Photo: Polyvore.com (Jolene Dress - Jarlo)     Photo: AluxaBeauty.com


COLORED JEANS - You can try these out in the color of the season or any other pretty color for the spring!  These jeans will definitely brighten up any outfit and are so fun.  Pick your favorite color and pair it with a neutral colored top or another bright color for color-blocking (another spring trend!).  If you're unsure about what color to try, go for white.  Not only does it match anything, but it looks very dressed up when paired with a pretty blouse or a blazer any season!


                               Photo: KhloeKardashian.Celebuzz.com        Photo: StilettosAndGrace.com


MAXI SKIRT & DRESS - Pull out your maxi dress from last summer and throw a cute top over it to instantly update your look.  If you don't own a maxi skirt or dress, definitely buy one.  There are so many ways you can wear them (see my previous post on maxi skirts).  Try finding one with an interesting hemline which is huge right now, either a diagonal hemline or a high-low hemline.  Also, try finding a maxi dress (or any other dress for that matter) with one shoulder, another thing that is trending right now.


                                Photo: EkiuwaJMagazine.com                              Photo: Posh24.com


Which trend are you the most excited to try?  If you're feeling self concious about any of these trends, don't worry!  There are so many different ways to wear each one, so just be creative and you can wear anything.  These trends will definitely update your look for the spring, and I hope they'll keep you feeling as good as you'll look!  Fabu-bliss!




Tricks to Wearing a Belt

Belts aren't just for keeping your pants up anymore; they have become a way to show off your figure, add shape, and add decor or a pop of color to your outfit.  You can definitely use them to your advantage, whatever body type you may be, to hide flaws, add curves, and ultimately make you feel your best.


The thinnest part of your torso is at your waist, right between your ribs and your hips.  Whenever you emphasize or bring in fabric at this area, you look instantly slimmer and perhaps even more curvy.  You can accomplish this with belts, darts, buttons, or a garment made with a slim middle.


                                             Photo: FashionHippo.com                        Photo: Electric-Fringe.com


If you don't want to look boxy in an oversized cardigan, you can belt over it if your shirt or dress underneath if it is boxy as well.  It will add shape to your figure at the thinnest part of your body and make you look slimmer instead of boxy and curveless.  A belt can also be placed just under the cardigan on your shirt or dress if it is not already fitted at the waist.  These simply add shape to your figure and can add a pop of color when done in a bright, pretty color.


                   Photo: Posh24.com                        Photo: SheKnows.com                Photo: PetiteFashionista.com


When you're not wearing a dress or cardigan, another way to bring emphasis to your waist without a belt is to divide the proportions at this area.  That can be with a shorter top and skirt or shorts, for example.  When the top is more oversized than the bottom, it will draw your attention to the waist.  This can also be done with an hourglass shape: a top that is shaped like a triangle with a skirt that is A-line.  It will draw the attention to the thinnest part of your body and ultimately make you look thinner yourself.


                                     Photo: MakeUShot.com                                              Photo: Zimbio.com


Belting lower on your hip will bring some shape to a boxy dress, and pulling in fabric here will give more shape to your figure.  A cute bow (like Selena Gomez below in the middle) will add a decorative touch to otherwise solid basics.  The third picture is of a new trend for the spring: tops with a tie at the bottom.  It's practically a belt built into a shirt; it's so cute and can also add shape your figure.  Belting it this low on your torso will make your torso look longer (if you want to balance out your long legs), especially when tucked in with a belt.

     Photo: WhosDatedWho.com             Photo: HollywoodLife.com                    Photo: SheKnows.com


Thick Belts vs. Thin Belts: Thicker belts will add a more dramatic and bold statement when worn.  They will show your waist to be very slim and can work really well with both thin and thicker fabrics.  Sometimes they can be overwhelming on a small frame, so find one that is a good width for your figure.  When wanting to just add some shape to an outfit and not draw much attention to the belt, go with a thinner belt.  This will add some shape without being too dramatic and taking over the attention of your outfit.


             Photo: InStyle.com                                     Photo: Elle Magazine                                Photo: FabSugar.com


If you want the attention away from another part of your body and on your thin waist, try belting it in a dark or bold color that will draw attention to the waist like this outfit of Victoria Justice.  It adds shape to your body and breaks up otherwise solid colors to add some interest to your outfit and shape to your figure.

Photo: Luuux.com


I absolutely love all of the outfits I have posted with these belts.  Belts are so versatile: they can make your outfit more fitting, add shape, add decoration or color, make you slimmer, and create allusions, and they do it instantly.  I hope these tips and tricks help you to feel your best this season and always.




For Those Times When Your Bangs Annoy You...

Bangs are in right now, but sometimes there are days where you just want to pull them out of your eyes or even just want a new way to put up your hair that will give you a new look.  Let's face it: whether you're growing them or not, sometimes they can get annoying and you just want them out of the way.  Try something new; see if one of these nine ways to pull your hair back works for you!


Braids are a cool and creative way to get your bangs out of your face and bring the attention to your face.  If your bangs are short, you can try french-braiding your hair and continue to pull longer sections into your braid to make it long enough to pin back.  You can also try it on both sides of your face if you want to get this look like Hayden Panettiere.  

Photo: HairJunky.com


Pin Back: The classic pin-back.  Try pulling your hair straight back and clipping it securely with bobby pins of your choice.  You can also pull it back into a small hairtie like Mary-Kate Olsen below.  It's so cute and girly, whether your hair is straight, wavy like her's, or curly.  You can have a big poof, small poof, or no poof.  You can also try this look by adding a ponytail to give your otherwise slicked back hair some volume and creating a sleek pony. 

Photo: HaircutsHairstyles.org


Headband: Experiment with pulling your bangs back with a headband.  There are so many different ways to wear them besides just simply pulling your hair back, and there are so many different types of headbands to choose from: thick, thin, plastic, fabric, stretchy, etc.  (Watch for my headband ideas post coming soon!)  This is probably the easiest way to get your bangs out of your face, and finding a cute headband that matches your outfit will make it look so stylish instead of looking like you just threw it back! Try out Chelsea Kane's look below.

Photo: BecomeGorgeous.com


Half Back: Pull your hair half back to get your bangs out of your face.  If it's long enough, you can pull it back into an elastic behind your head.  If your bangs are shorter than this, pull them back with bobby pins or any other pretty clips you have on both sides of your face.  


                  Photo: Slodive.com                                Photo: ArticlesWeb.org                      Photo: Beauty.About.com


Side Pin: Pin your bangs to one side with a cute clip or bobby pin instead of straight back.  This gives you a way to add some sparkle to your look but to pull your hair out of your face.

Photo: TheHairStyler.com


Messy Pony: Pull your bangs back loosely in a messy ponytail, one of the popular hairstyles of the season.  Messy is in; it gives you an excuse to not spend long your hair because it doesn't have to be perfect!  So many celebrities have been seen with the messy ponytail, like Demi Lovato below.

Photo: Hollywoodpix.net


Hat: Try a tight beanie to pull your hair out of your face and keep you warm this winter!  Try one made up of a thinner material or one with a much looser knit for the spring in a pretty color!  This is definitely a look for a laid-back day.

Photo: Polyvore.com


If you find yourself wearing these looks continuously and find your bangs annoying, grow them out!  It seems like a long process that just makes you want to keep cutting them off again, but it will be well worth it in the long run if you keep hiding behind updos because you hate your haircut.  

Photo: DressForAWedding.com


If you are annoyed with bangs in your eyes but don't want to grow them out, try a short bang!  It will keep the hair out of your eyes and give you a shape that highlights your face and doesn't wear your face down.  You can try them all the way across your forehead, or you can even try wearing them slightly to the side.  Either way is adorable and can give you the shape to your face that you want.  There are so many different types of ways to cut your bangs that match every face shape, so do some searching to see what specific bang you want before you make your final decision!

Photo: Teenchive.com


I hope these ideas inspire you to change up your look and perhaps even change up your haircut. ;)  If you like how you look, you will feel fabu-bliss!




Achieving the Smokey Eye

Photo: Beauty Style Watch

The smokey eye is big right now and looks so good, especially with evening wear.  I will admit, it can be a hard look to get; some people get their eyeshadow too dark with such a light complexion, it's so dark it makes you look tired, etc.  Blending is the key.


Start with your dark base covering your lids (black, dark gray, or brown depending on your preference and complexion).  Make sure it stops by the crease of your eye.  Take a brush or your finger and fade it upward.  Then, take your next lightest color (dark brown with black, light gray with gray, light brown with brown) and continue fading and blending upward.  Add a lighter brown, gray, or creme above that.  It should gradually fade upward towards your eyebrow.


Add a white or light creme under your eyebrow last for definiiton.  To make your eyebrows look even more arched and dramatic, place more of your lightest color eyeshadow under the place your eyebrows arch the most (the top-most point of your eyebrow - pictured on Rihanna below).  Feel free to also put the light color in the corners of your eyes by your nose to make you look more awake if you feel like the smokey eye overwhelms you or makes you look tired.

Photo: SmokeyEyeTutorial.org


Add a black eyeliner (or gray or brown if they're your darkest color).  Then add your mascara.  Here's a trick I've learned from a makeup artist: Instead of simply brushing the mascara from your eye to the tips, shake the brush back and forth a little as you apply it.  It will make your eyelashes even more voluminous and distribute the mascara more evenly.  If you pull your brush towards the outward corners of your eyes as you do this, you will get more of a cateye effect if you want to achieve that (pictured below on Angelina Jolie).  Remember to replace your mascara every month or two to avoid clumps!

Photo: Our Vanity.com

Now that you're finished, if you feel your look needs to be toned down or have added shine, put a little bit of sparkle over your entire eyelid.  If you still don't like the look, try it on only half of your eye (either the inside, outside, or middle of your eyelid) and fade the eyeshadows into your nautral lid if you don't want to go as dark as the smokey eye all over.

Photo: Makeup For Life


If you're more light-complected or have blonde hair, try out a light or fair brown as a base so it will look more natural on you.  If you're dark-complected, use a black or dark brown to compliment your skin tone.  If you're not so sure, go with brown.  This especially makes brown eyes pop!  Remember: the secret to wearing makeup is to make it look like you're not wearing any at all.  


Don't forget to wash off your makeup at the end of the day!  My favorite right now is Clinique Eye Make-Up Remover (check it out at Clinique.com.  It's very affordable!).  It will keep your skin clean, soft, and healthy for the future!  Fabu-bliss!




A Skirt For Every Body Type

We all have those days where we just want to cover up with jeans, sweatpants, or whatever it may be that you feel you can hide behind.  Maybe you think that you can't wear skirts, but you're wrong!  There are so many different shapes and types of skirts that can hide whatever you are not wanting to show.  There is a skirt for absolutely every body type.  


The Pencil Skirt: This skirt can be worn by absolutely everyone, from very curvy to no curves at all.  If you have a shorter torso, you can tuck in your shirt and wear your skirt where it hits you right at the hips.  If you want your waist more defined, you can wear it high-waisted at the smallest part of your body (that spot right between your ribs and your hips!). 


                            Photo: Albert Michael / Startracks


The Maxi Skirt: The maxi skirt is sure to cover up your legs.  A straight maxi skirt will make you look long and slender, while one that is a little bigger on bottom (balanced on top with a tighter shirt, of course) will make your torso look smaller.  You can also find skirts that are shorter in the front or ones with diagonal hemlines that will show off your legs if you want!  These are the hemlines for the season, and they look so fun and girly!


                                      Photo: FabSugar Australia                                   Photo: Celebuzz!


The A-Line Skirt: If you're self concious about your thighs or your hips, I would head for an A-line skirt, or one with a little extra fabric on bottom.  An A-line skirt is one that is literally shaped like the letter "A;" it is smaller on top and almost poofs out a little on bottom.  The amount of flare varies from skirt to skirt, but choose a poofier skirt if you don't want to show off your thighs.  For your hips, the trend of the season is pleats.  Try these out; they will flow seamlessly down your sides and hide the shape you don't want to be shown off.  


                             Photo: Pacific Coast News.com                        Photo: Celebrity Bag Styles.com


The Body-Con Skirt: If you are wanting to show off your curves or look even curvier, the body-con skirt is for you.  It is usually made of spandex or rayon, something that is tighter, so it will cling to all the curves of your body.  If you like the trend but don't want to look too curvy, throw on an oversized top over your skirt.  It will make your thighs and legs look thinner and also looks so cozy!  

                                        Photo: Teen Vogue


The Peplum Skirt: This skirt is another big trend of the season.  The peplum skirt has two layers, and usually poofs out a little bit around your hips.  If you're wanting to add more shape and curves to your figure, this is the skirt to go with.  There are many variations of this skirt, though, so you can go from dramatic (like this picture from the spring 2012 runway by Jason Wu) to less dramatic in shape.  The layers vary and the top one can be longer than the bottom one.  This can be a poofier skirt with a layer showing underneath that is more body-clinging, not overwhelming your frame and showing off your lean shape.  The peplum shape can also be formed with your shirt by belting it low and making it shape out like the top of a peplum skirt.  Also, if you want to add shape to your hips, try out the peplum skirt with only fabric added at the sides like Kim Kardashian's.  


                                       Photo: NY Mag.com 


If the reason you don't like to wear skirts is because you don't like to show off your legs, wear a longer hemline or add tights!  To keep warmer, add thicker ones in the winter.  If you do want the attention on your legs, you can wear tights in a fun pattern or color, or wear a long sleeved shirt with your skirt that will draw the attention to your legs.    Also, experiment with your skirt by wearing it high-waisted, low-waisted, or anywhere in between.  Find ones that are short, long, tight, or poofy. There are so many ways you can wear them; there's the perfect one out there for you!  





I always have to have a pair of sunglasses on me (I must own at least three million pairs...).  They are definitely not just a summer thing; sunglasses look so chic in the winter time too!  Since spring and summer are drawing close, now's the time to go grab some new shades.  They instantly update a look; they are like any accessory, as they can immediately change an outfit and bring it to life!  


There are so many different colors, prints, sizes, and shapes of sunglasses to choose from, but I've narrowed it down to a few basic types to get you started and get you excited for spring!


Aviators: These are sunglasses that look ultra chic and usually best on more angular faces.  You can go bold with reflective lenses, or you can go for a more see-through lens that looks more delicate and still shows off your eyes. 

Photo: StyleBistro.com
Ray Bans: This is a brand of sunglasses that would be more of an investment (they usually range from $100 - $300).  There are so many different types of Ray Bans; there is a pair for everyone.  Bright and colored ones can show off your fun side, printed ones with floral or polka dots show off your girly side, and black ones look very casual.  If you're fond of this particular shape, definitely shop around and see what you can find!    There are some good deals on them at Target, Charlotte Russe, and American Eagle to get you started.

Photo: Celebridoodle.com


Classic: These are probably the sunglasses I see most women drawn to.  They can make any outfit look glamorous and even more dressed up.  They come in a variety of sizes to choose from, so they are fit for practically any face shape.  Sometimes big sunglasses can really look overwhelming on a small face.  If you're uncomfortable with the big size, take it down a notch.  My favorite place to find these is Forever 21, and they seriously only cost a few dollars each, so it's time to pack up on a few pairs! ;) 

Photo: TheHollywoodGossip.com


No Lens/Clear Lens: No, they are not perscription glasses.  These type of glasses definitely show off your quirky side.  They can tone down any outfit and make you look more laid back and fun.  They can also be sunglasses!  Check the label because some with clear lenses still block UV rays.

Photo: Nguyen891.com


Cat-Eye: You will most likely be seeing me wear these sunglasses this spring because I am totally in love with them.  They are fun a shape, but still look so classy.  You can definitely point out their 50s inspiration, but having these in black actually make them look very modern and chic.

Photo: Head2ToeInStyle.com


Be Inspired: You know of TOMS shoes?  For every pair you purchase, you are basically purchasing another pair for a child who can't afford them.    They also sell sunglasses that are no different: for every pair you purchase, you are helping someone else's vision whether it be with surgery, glasses, etc.  It's a great cause, so I'd definitely go to their website and see if you can find a pair for yourself.  They come in so many different shapes and sizes that you will definitely find a pair you like here.   ;)

Photo: CollegeFashion.com


Like I said, these are the very basic shapes.  There are so many different ones out there to choose from.  Finding sunglasses in different shapes (hearts, stars, etc.) are so fun and bring back the kid in you!  Bold or basic colors can be the just the added punch you need in your outfit.  Sunglasses are probably my favorite accessory to really dress up an outfit.  I hope these help you to find your new shades this season.  Warm weather is coming!




Mixing Spring Colors

We've all had that moment where we've asked ourselves (or for others' advice), "does this match this?" or "does this match that?"  The truth is, practically anything goes today, and with spring around the corner, lots of new colors are coming.  The best thing you can do is experiment!  Here are some very flattering and basic combos that are currently trending to get you started for the spring:


-Color Blocking- Coloring blocking has been big and is still big for the spring.  This is when you wear two solid colors together, usually in bright colors.  This is perfect for the spring with all the very bright colors coming into style and with all of the colored jeans that are so cute!  


Tip: Complementary colors, or colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel, compliment each other the best and look great together.  They make their counterparts look lively and fresh, which is perfect for representing the new spring season and its bright colors.  A complementary colors combo creates the allusion of making the colors look even more vibrant (think of red and green representing Christmas!).  I absolutely love the color blocking outfit below on X Factor judge Cheryl Cole. 



                          Photo: Print Runner.com                                                           Photo: x17online.com

Color blocking is a very bold trend to try out, and the perfect time to do it would be on Valentine's Day!  Red and pink are monochromatic, meaning they are different shades of each other, so they would be perfect to represent the day!  Try out a pink shirt with red pants.  I personally think this looks great, and it's the perfect time to try out color blocking if you're nervous.
If you're still worried about color blocking, try the neutral technique with a pop color by wearing colored jeans (big for the season!) or a colored skirt with a neutral colored shirt (or try the opposite: a bright shirt with neutral on bottom).  I love Jordin Spark's combo in the picture below by adding a splash of yellow.  It looks so classy and so much like spring!             

Photo: FashionBombDaily.com


Wearing basic colors, such as black, white, gray, or creme with an accessory or some shoes in a bright color will literally make your outfit pop.  Neutrals are basics that match pretty much everything, so adding color is perfect because it makes you look very put together and classy while still adding some color.  When you do this with black and white, my favorites are red or royal blue to brighten up your classy look.  Check out these basic outfits of Selena Gomez's with a pop of color added on with her red scarf.

              Photo: Wenn.com                              Photo: Eternity Scarf.com                 Photo: Celebrity Fashion.com


Or try out this more casual outfit with a bright spring bag like Kim Kardashian to add that pop of color to your outfit.  I love this because the outfit is made up of all basic pieces that you probably already have in your closet with the addition of a bright spring bag.  You can also wear a neutral outfit with a bright colored shoe.  It looks stunning and really makes your outfit pop and look fun.



                                   Photo: My Fashion Addictions.com                       Photo: Glamour.com


I am so excited for all of the spring trends this year, and I cannot wait to try them out!  I hope these color tips help get you started on mixing and matching this spring.  Color affects your mood, so choose your favorites and wear what makes you happy!




Stripes Stripes Stripes

Photo: Posh On a Budget.com

Anything with stripes I am immediately drawn to, so I am glad to be seeing them everywhere for the spring.  Nothing says warm weather like nautical-inspired clothing, and I am absolutely obsessed.  Black and white look so classy, while going for brighter colors, or even navy and gray or white, make you look ready for spring!  


Lots of designers have even put chevron (zig zag stripes) down the runway for the spring (which is definitely making me think of Missoni for Target right now, even though we're a little late), so any type of stripe is big for the season!  


Stripes are for absolutely anyone and everyone.  Big, thick stripes make a bold statement while thinner stripes look crisp and classic.  Vertical stripes make you appear long and lean, especially when the stripes bend in around your waist.  This will create an hourglass-looking shape and make your waist look smaller.  Check out Salma Hayek's Gucci dress from the Golden Globes this year.  See how the stripes bend in at the sides and make her look thinner at her waist?


                                                                           Photo: Glamour.com


My personal favorite is horizontal stripes, but I've heard people say that they're scared to wear them for fear of creating the allusion of looking wider.  I don't think this is the case, especially with oversized shirts in style, but if you're worried, here a few tips you can use:


-You can belt your shirt in the middle for an hourglass shape, or wear skinny jeans to offset the oversized striped shirt (remember: it's all about proportions!).


 -Wearing a striped skirt or dress that's body-con will create a lean shape (especially with vertical stripes that will shape tightly around your figure and make you look curvier!).  If you're still worried, look for horizontally striped shirts or jackets with darts, or layer a jacket or vest over your shirt.  Check out Demi Lovato's stripes below.


           Photo: AmeriKanki.com                                                                                                Photo: April Mavin.com

-Wearing a scarf untied and straight down creates the allusion of a long figure, so add a scarf like Demi Lovato.  If you're still afraid, I am such a huge fan of see-through striped shirts right now (I bought one recently in purple!).  Check out Selena Gomez's look: layering a more form-fitting tank underneath will show off your figure under the bulkiness of your striped shirt.  
                                  Photo: Pop Star Rocks 2                                   Photo: StealHerStyle.net


I must have a million striped shirts already; I am obsessed with this pattern.  I hope you all find inspirations from it this season.  As you can see, there are so many ways to wear stripes.  Be bold!




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